Scenes from A Coffee Shop Musical.

There’s this hip little coffee shop downtown. The music’s a little louder. The crowd’s a little more animated. The joint pulses with energy. Because I’m a people watcher, it’s quickly become one of my favorite afternoon haunts these past few months. When I’m there, somehow, I’m more productive. More creative. More optimistic. I’m lighter.

So, it comes as no surprise that when “Walking in Memphis” comes on, I effortlessly slip into a “Mommypie, The Musical” dream sequence.

I’m dancing on the bar. Of significance — I also have really good, long hair. (Did I mention this coffee shop also serves beer and wine? Cool, huh?) Patrons leap and pirouette below me. And in my head I am the STAR.


And then I realize I am, in fact, singing. Aloud. A little too far above the acceptable non-lunatic singing to yourself level.

I nonchalantly glance around, clear my throat and settle into Act 2. Sussudio is playing. And I’m being eagerly pursued by The Boy. Who’s also the singing male lead. We strut around the shop, me feigning disinterest. Smiling over my shoulder. Typical. Musical Tease.

Act 3. Footloose. A cue for the tech geek hiding behind his laptop to throw off those glasses and start poppin’ old school.

Act 4. The Boy and I shimmy back and forth, then back to back, then forehead to forehead, while I sing “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About” in Bonnie Raitt’s awesomely smoky voice.

Through picture windows that look out on Main Street, it begins to rain. And the musical comes to a dramatic close.

Act 5. Babe I’m leavin’ I must be on my way … please believe me, my heart is in your hand … I’ll be missing youuuu. You know it’s you Babe, whenever I get weary and I’ve had enough, feel like giving up, you know it’s you Babe, giving me the courage and the strength I need, please believe, that it’s youuuu … Babe I love you …

Aaand SCENE.



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10 responses to “Scenes from A Coffee Shop Musical.

  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who has musical fantasies. Mine are triggered by any Carly Simon song…

  2. Michelle

    I am pretty sure this is my favorite post from you. Ever. I can totally see the musical in your head AND the assinine way it might appear in real life to the people watching a lunatic singing.

  3. You are one wacky lady (in a really good way). I love the soundtrack to our musical. And I love that you were singing it out loud!

  4. …to YOUR musical. Yours. I’m not trying to claim it. 🙂 I just can’t type, apparently.

  5. another co-worker

    Love it. Except for the Phil Collins part. I have him more than my annual trip to the gyno.

    But it’s your fantasy, not mine.

  6. another co-worker

    I meant hate. I hate Phil Collins.

  7. Mummypie

    I have seen you dance and you are dangerous, my babygirl!

    But the real joy is if you are dancing with someone who will catch you.


  8. I am glad that I am not the only one that movie musical fantasies, mine stick mainly in the classic musical genre (IE.: My Fair Lady)

  9. You DID NOT just pull out the Styx lyrics.

    I love Styx and now I am going into the bedroom, pulling the drapes closed, and listening to Paradise Theater at a slightly louder than is respectable level.

    Also, I would like a part in your musical if you’re hiring.

  10. Finn

    What, no ABBA songs?

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