Mother and Child Reunion

It dawns on me that I haven’t posted about last week’s trip to Connecticut to see The Boy. Despite the fact we were both sick at one point or another during our seven short days together, I can still truthfully say it was wonderful. Nothing like projectile puke at 4 a.m. and a day long bout of diarrhea to test the staying power of romance. 

Happily, we passed. (Get it? Heh.)

So, I come home and MP is 25. Suddenly she’s all Sheldon-y. All Big Bang Theory. All “Mother, did you know that an isotope is a nucleus whose chemical properties are almost identical to the original one having the same number of protons but different number of neutrons?”


Grammy’s the same. Perhaps a little tired is all.

The dog’s the same. Happier than ever to rub her filthy self all over the carpet. Happy to lick my feet with her poo mouth. Perhaps shaggier and with more knots. But still, the same.

I, on the other hand, am clearly dumber. Evidently, a few brain cells went missing when I contracted the Dengue Fever because I swear my daughter has aged dramatically overnight. Suddenly she’s READING. Complete BOOKS. Go, Dog Go!


The Preschool equivalent to War and Peace.


I leave for a week and my Baby, she’s all grown up. Next time, we’re packin’ up those footie PJs and she’s coming with me.



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6 responses to “Mother and Child Reunion

  1. The first time I was sick around my husband I threw up in his car. Then I wished I was dead. Luckily, he saw through the vomit… OF course, that doesn’t stop him from reminding me about the incident.

  2. Andi

    It happens in the blink of an eye, let me tell you. I’m at the point with Lauren now where I have trouble helping her with her homework. One question was “Circle the congruent quadrilaterals” and I was all “Ok, Lauren, circle ’em!” because I had no freaking idea what that meant!!

  3. I love Sheldon!

    Yes, they do age 10 years in one week. It’s amazing.

  4. Mary Black

    Marina tells me MP is moving and it takes 2 planes to get there?

  5. The one and only time I left Caroline for the weekend with my parents she was about 20 months old and had, up to that point, only referred to me as Mama. It was so sweet, it tugged at my heart the way she said it. When my husb and I returned from our weekend away, I walked in the door and Caroline shouted, “Mommy!” From then on she only called me Mommy and never said Mama again. I was heartbroken.

  6. She isn’t calling you Parental Unit, is she? That’s next.

    (Just so you know, _Go, Dog, Go!_ is the Foolery equivalent of _War and Peace_.)

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