New, improved, and now hair-free!


Today I turned 41. Which I suppose means that, between the passing of another year and getting engaged for the first time EVER, my inner 11-year-old boy has probably matured to … 12? Call me a late bloomer.

I (we?) thoroughly enjoyed the night’s festivities. No drinking. No debauchery. Just one spring snowstorm, Grammy’s BBQ ribs, cake, and THIS.


Best. Birthday. Present. EVAH. My family, they know the way to my heart. It’s called, “As Seen On TV!” and there’s nothin’ better. (I’m totally dismissing the less attractive reasoning for the gift which leans more toward something like, “Mommy’s getting oooold and growing hair in funny places …”)

I have high hopes. This weekend, I’m fully expecting my legs to be as smooth as an Olympic swimmer’s. Or Lance Armstrong’s. Or any of those guys who regularly shave their body parts. Which I find curiously hot, in a metrosexual-type way, but I digress.

As for the absence of celebratory drink, I MAY get guilted into partaking tomorrow night — Queen Bee, she shares the day with me, and she’s tenacious. And in the interest of full disclosure, I suppose I shouldn’t tell you the hair removal device was the best birthday present EVAH, when I haven’t told you what The Boy gave me.

Which I’m not going to do.

12-Year-Old Boy yelling over my shoulder: Remember, the Boy’s a woodworker!

You’ll have to use your imagination.

12-Year-Old Boy jumping and waving behind me: A WOODWORKER! Get it?? WOOD?!?

Yeah, not gonna tell. 

♫ Happy birthday to me … ♫



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24 responses to “New, improved, and now hair-free!

  1. Heh. Sounds like 41 will be a great year!

  2. DON’T DO IT! I fell for the Smooth Away hype and lost all the skin my lip! You deserve better…

    You can read all about my experience at

    I figure if I can save one upper lip, my work is done.

  3. Queen Bee

    YOU ARE SO COMING OUT FOR A DRINK! If I have to drag you out! And only because I want to celebrate with the one person I actually ENJOY sharing a birthday with! Seriously. One Drink. That’s all I ask!

  4. littlemansmom

    A VERY happy anniversary of your very FAVOURITE birthday my friend….enjoy!

  5. Happy birthday! Sounds like 41 is gonna be a hell of a year for you.

  6. Squeeeeeeee! Happiest of days to you today, Mommypie! You are oh-so-deserving! (And I may add of more than “Seen on TV,” but do let me know if it works. I am also of the age-where-i-grow-hair-in-odd-places!)

  7. zandor

    Happy Birthday!

  8. That gizmo looks fab! Hey, I’m new around here. My Google Reader said you were the shit and I should check you out! I see MoFM and Steph on your blogroll, so I’m guessing I can cuss. Anywho, hi!

  9. Happy birthday, you youngster, you!

  10. Happy birthday mama! Here’s to a SMOOTH one… get it?

  11. Happy birthday — you definitely have to celebrate.

    Can’t wait to hear if your pressie really works!

  12. Happy Birthday Mommypie!!

  13. Andi

    I still have a scar on my upper lip from the Smooth Away. And it never worked on my legs, but nothing ever does.

    Go easy with it, you don’t want to be scarred on your wedding day!!

    (And Happy Birthday! I assume you thoroughly enjoyed the present from The Boy. Heh.)

  14. Dude. Between you and Libby I’m a lettle nervous. Stickin’ to the legs and avoiding the lip. YIKES.

  15. Wait a minute. Are you being dirty with the woodworker reference? Or am I being dirty for thinking it? I never know anymore.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  16. Happy, happy birthday MommyPie! Lemme know if that thing works…I wanted to try it. But I got the ShamWow instead. Which does work. As evidenced by the red wine I dumped on my pajamas Saturday night.

  17. another co-worker

    I think he made you a giant wooden phallic symbol.

  18. Happiest of Birthdays to Mommy Pie! Enjoy your “wood.” ;D

  19. Happy (belated now) Birthday! Sounds like it was a great one!

  20. Happy belated birthday. I would have said something sooner but I’m lazy like that.

    Oh and did you seriously fall for the Smooth Away promise? Oiy! I did and all I got for my efforts, and $$$ was rug burn…or something akin to it! *lol*

  21. Happy belated birthday! I’m late and tired and a bit distracted . . . he gave you something made of wood to remember him by, and rug burn?
    Sham WOW.

    (Hope it was AWESOME, whatever you’re talking about.) ; )

  22. Better late than never….glad you had a Happy 41st Birthday. I did too… 8 days before you!

    I’m a little scary of the Smooth Away…but if you say so, it’s got to be good. 🙂

  23. This stuff does NOT work. I paid 10 bucks and and it worked on about 1/10th of my leg. What a waste of money. Concept great but doesn’t work!

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