Little Miss Manners

So I’m in Connecticut with The Boy. No time to talk (ahem) … let’s just say it’s AH.MAY.ZING. With emphasis on the ZING. Badabump.

In place of a juicy post, I leave you with this little scene from the car earlier last week, as MP and I drove to town. Because it so perfectly illustrates one of the BAZILLION reasons I love the kid so much.

ME: (Drive, drive, drive. Look into rear view mirror. Exaggerated hand waving.) PHEW! MP, was that you??

MP: Heh.

ME: PEEE UUU! What do you say?

MP: You’re welcome.

Oh yeah. LOVE. HER.



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14 responses to “Little Miss Manners

  1. That sounds like something my son would say. Kids are freaks. Which is why we love them.

  2. Hey, at least she has manners…

  3. Love it!! My boys would love her!

  4. My son has started saying that too in the last week or so! I don’t know where he gets it. Perhaps they are secret pen pals (or whatever the internet equivalent of that is)?

  5. She’s like you, only smaller. Awesome.

  6. Love that! I have one story where Peanut let one go and I looked at him and said “what was that?” And he replied “Ethan did it.” HA!

  7. Love it! At least I can laugh about it, because Imp thinks it’s funny as hell to let one rip and then ask her daddy or I what WE say…as in we were the ones who let it go. Oiy! So much for my girly girl!

  8. My son has discovered armpit farting. They can toot together!

  9. That made me laugh =) At least she’s clever about it!

  10. theboy

    Stop blaming it on MP. That’s just rude.

  11. Happy Birthday to someone who has the same birthday as me! Happy Happy Birthday!

  12. bigskylifecoach

    ok, so my hubby has trained my crew to say “thank you” to the universe because it means that it escapes and they don’t explode. Drives me nuts:)

  13. Some day I want to meet MP. She’s a gas. ; )

    When Smedley was three, Chas caught a suspicious whiff and accused her.

    “No, Daddy!” She was very indignant.” “Not my kind!!”

    Absolutely certain MP and my two rugrats would get on famously. WE, however, would need gas masks.

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