Scenes from a Proposal: The Boy

If you’ve had just about enough of the PROPOSAL talk, I suggest you check back later in the week.

‘Cause it ain’t gonna stop. I can’t help it.

And because I wanted to know what the day was like for him, I asked The Boy to write a post about last Tuesday. What follows is the way HE experienced the proposal. Two hours ahead of me and 2,300 miles away.


I never imagined the day that I would witness an almost 5-year-old beat the daylights out of a couple of grown-ups in the game … er … sport of bowling. Yeah, the bumpers were up, and yeah, the “almost 5-year-old” (that would be MP) used ‘em. But so did the “grown-ups.” I didn’t think it could happen. Then again, a few months with Mommypie proved to me that a lot of things I never thought could happen, already have.

If I take step back and look at my life over the last 12 months + 2 weeks, I feel as though, had I been paying attention, I could have watched the stars align. What was phenomenally bad luck 12 months ago, in fact created a nearly perfect stage for what has happened and what will follow. Some say everything happens for a reason, some call it destiny. I think it just might be simple 1st grade math. 1+1=2, and 2 is greater than 1. Its just a matter of finding the right “one.”

I, yes I, found the right 1. And a few days ago asked her to MARRY ME. I’d be glad to tell you all about it, but I have a funny feeling you already know. What you don’t know is the flat tire, dead battery, no AAA, helpless feeling that I had all day and evening on that long day.

Marcy from The Glamorous Life had created “Thenotsofirsteverbutsinglegreatestbiggestandmostfun” Wedding Proposal Ever, and Mommypie’s Mommy had positioned the ring. Everything was in place. Except Mommypie, who was blissfully clueless. The text messages between us that day prove just HOW clueless. (Keep in mind I’m on the East Coast — two hours ahead of Mommypie.)

Me: 10:50 a.m. EST – Crocus flowers opened today. Its going to be a great day!

If you only knew how great. HA!

Her: 10:55 a.m. EST – I love it. It WILL be a great day. ILY

Her: 4:09 p.m. – Just ran into your dad at Columbo’s and had a nice little chat.

Crap, dad knows I’m proposing! And he can’t shut up!

Her: 4:56 p.m. – God I love you.

Me: 4:58 p.m. – Me too. Where are you?

Her: 4:59 p.m. — In the car headed to a coffee shop close to MP.

She could find the proposal any minute. Which means I need to finish my work, get my arse inside and onto the computer and pay attention.

Her: 5:51 p.m. 20 members so far today! Woo Hoo!

Whew, caaluewwwww-less!

Me 5:52 p.m. – Giddy-up

Me 8:36 p.m. – Pa Pie! Heh heh, you will get it eventually. Mean time, everyone is waiting.

Ok, time to at least make her think something is up.

Her: 8:38 p.m. – Wha? I’m home. Going to eat a little then home. Xoxoxo Mysterio!

Me: 8:41 p.m. – Then home? Are you at your mom’s?

Her: 8:42 p.m. – Yup just for a bit.

Cool. I have a minute to respond to all these FB notifications, and text messages!

Me to Mommypie’s Mommy: 8:44 p.m. – Please kick her out of your house.

Mommypie’s Mom: 8:45 p.m. – SHE JUST LEFT.

FYI, Mommypie’s Mommy had no idea what was happening. At this point the Blogosphere is going nuts, and I’m perfectly happy. I know her routine. Time to sit back, watch and enjoy everyone else’s anticipation.

Me: 9:34 p.m. – Go here. (Tiny Url forwarded from Marcy.) We can’t wait anymore.

Her: 9:37 p.m. – Wha? That link goes nowhere.

Crap. Call Marcy.

Me: 9:38 p.m. – Go read a blog.

Yeah, I was getting impatient. Only because everyone else was rattling the bars on the cage and threatening to tip over the Internet.

Me: 9:55 p.m. – Any blog.

Ok Bloglidites get her here! Its out of my hands now! And my patience is up.


Yup. At the exact minute my ship came in, I was yelling at my airport.

Her on the Proposal Blog: 9:55 p.m. – OH. MY. GOD. I really should be leaving some hugely profound comment here, knowing this post will be recorded and kept forever, but all I can come up with is … YES. YES. YES!!! If I could get the letters any bigger I would! If there were audio, you’d hear me laughing. If there were video, you’d see me smiling from ear to ear. I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU Dave. Yep. Soulmate.

Me: 10:35 p.m. — To my very own mother – SHE SAID YES! THREE TIMES!

Me: At this very second – Yup. Soulmate.

And … as Paul Harvey used to say, now you know the rest of the story.


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15 responses to “Scenes from a Proposal: The Boy

  1. What an awesome story. Been following the “behind-the-scenes” details all week. Great stuff.

  2. Lisa

    this is the sweetest thing I have ever read!!!! I have been reading your blog for a while now and with my life gone to the crapper 10 months ago (husband left out of the blue) I think this is just wonderful and inspirational for me and my daughter (almost 3 yrs). I wish I could write something profound just as you do but words excape me. CONGRATS!!!!! to you, the boy and MP.

  3. Squeeeeeeee! Again! Can’t get enough of the sweet, thoughtful and creative genius that is the two of you together. How blessed we all are to live vicariously. So, are you gonna spill about The Boy’s boy? I thought I heard a peep about that somewheres and we need to paint the blissed-out-perfect-family-with-2.7-kidlets picture here. Details, please?

  4. sas

    Such a wonderful story!
    After a year or two of crappy financial blah and the whole economageddon and yuck. And then you go and get engaged and share it all.
    Such good things coming your way 🙂
    Hey and nice blog. I will be reading….

  5. What’s to get tired of? I think you guys should be on the couch at the Today Show or something! Love this tale. Sigh…

  6. SOOOOOO damn cute.

    I’m so happy for you. When are you going to start calling him Mr. Pie? After the wedding?

  7. reen

    Well that’s about the best thing I’ve read all year. Love a good love story. Congrats!

  8. I think you guys need to get on a TV show with this. Try Ellen. then I can meet you both in person (which is totally self serving, I know). I’m sending her a Tweet right now!

  9. Me

    Keep it coming! I love this stuff!!

  10. Lex

    Keep writing about it! I can’t get enough of your SQUEEE story! Puffy hearts…

  11. Oh my gosh, I just stopped by again and had to read, like, the entire blog lol after I realized there was some sort of proposal! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  12. This is an awesomely satisfying post. Many thanks to Pa Pie for posting the other side of the story. I was wondering if he was chewing his fingernails off like the rest of us… 🙂

  13. Came across your site (ok, the proposal) and have been reading your blog for about 30 min now 🙂

    Congrats on the engagement!! Can’t wait to read all about it. And super congrats on snagging a hottie!!

  14. Wow..I take a few weeks from the blogosphere and look what happens??? DOOOGGGG…Congrats to you both!!!! How wonderful and romantic!

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