Scenes from a Proposal: The Mastermind

Tuesday wouldn’t have happened the way it did without the awe-inspiring talents of Marcy of The Glamorous Life Association. If you don’t already read her, you need to start. She’s witty. She’s smart. She’s funny. And she’s one of my favorite bloggers.

Apparently, however, I need to do a better job leaving comments. After all was said and done Tuesday night, Marcy was afraid I didn’t know who she was.

I told her to put down the crack pipe.

And then professed my undying love.

And promised an open bar at the wedding. (Which, turns out, The Boy was already all over.)

We bloggers are a funny bunch.

So, I thought it important to share Marcy’s take on the events leading up to the Big Question. What follows is the email she sent late Tuesday night. The email that made The Boy cry. The email I will keep forever.

Hi there!

I have to say this first. I have a feeling when this all went down- you might have been thinking….”Marcy who?” I know you read me occasionally and I have commented a little on your blog. I think you and I emailed about the use of name/URL and Anonymous comment option at one point too. But I know that…I am hardly one of your closest and dearest blogger friends. I just wanna get that out there. So you don’t feel bad. Or creeped out. Or bad AND creeped out.

I left the original comment about ‘hey why don’t you propose on my blog’….when I was just trying to be funny. Which is pretty much every waking moment for me. I have a hard time at funerals. But that is another story…..

I was surprised when The Boy emailed me. I was thrilled…but surprised. And mostly I was honored. I felt honored to participate in such a life changing event. I never had the heart to tell him that, well….”Mommypie probably doesn’t even really know me.”….so I just ran with it.

We e-mailed every single day for about a month. Sometimes, many many times a day. And it was not long before I was totally charmed by him. Killer sense of humor. You are so lucky. Not to mention….hubba, hubba…he is a major hunk. (okay now THAT was creepy. Sorry). We talked about when, and how. And if he should be there or not. And how the heck we would get you to read my blog at a specific time!

As the e-mails progressed I learned more about him (like he is a dad, a woodworking guy, etc.) and about you. And I loved it. And then the job thing. Oh crap the job thing. He was on the phone to you and typing to me that we had to move the proposal up by several weeks. He wanted it now! SO I had to hussle and really get my ‘campaign’ in motion. I sent hundreds of emails….all personal pleas to people to participate. But the hard part was keeping it a secret……which I did until yesterday. Yesterday the whole frickin Internet KNEW. And to my surprise NO ONE told you. We all love a surprise I guess.

I came up with the linky idea (which I think took about 900 e-mails to get The Boy to understand the whole plan) and of course the Proposal 2.0 blog. Once I changed my header design and format- and he was not having it….and wanted it changed back…’cuz Mommypie will like it better’. Which was just adorable.

We chatted about the ring. He told me you wanted tattoo rings. And I told him…”she is just letting you off easy. Get her a ring. Any ring. She will love it” And I hope I was right. He sent me photos of rings and I sent him ones I had found too…..we were BFFs for a few weeks. The Engagement Planners (mmm, Lifetime movie of the week perhaps?).

I begged him for a photo. On bended knee with the ring. In a tie. And he tried. I mean, I think he tried….but it just didn’t feel right to him. So in the end we went with the check-out-how-serious-I-love-this-wood-table-photo he already had. Did you notice the hat? It says ‘The Boy.” Yeah I had fun with that.

So the day came. I posted it the night before actually. And for some reason…The Boy’s Internet wouldn’t allow him into my site! Oh it was crazy. I think we sent like 20 emails just that night back and forth. He was on the phone with you for most of it……and then yesterday.

He CALLED me (first time ever) in a panic about the ring. It didn’t fit in the mailbox and I almost died laughing that it was now waiting under a laundry pile. SO GLAMOROUS. I didn’t want you to come to my site until I had at least 40 links. I wanted you to really see that this was a big deal (it has done so well, even I am impressed! Up to 80 right now), and then the play by play started. “She is going to cafe with wireless.” “She is picking up MP. Its snowing.” “She is giving MP bath.” “She is eating at her moms! WTF!!!”…we were going INSANE. I went to your blog and left a comment….Finally I sent the email asking you to participate in Mr. Linky – and made it look like it went to loads of people….but even THAT didn’t work! So I sent The Boy a tinyurl for my site – which as you know by now he texted it to you…and you looked and said “I don’t get it”……ARRGGGHHHH! I was going insane and my phone was ringing off the hook. I was getting emails every minute from people wanting to KNOW!!!!!! When MY MOM called me asking if you read it yet…I almost fell out of my chair. Even my kids were asking for updates every 10 seconds. Oh it was TENSE.

Finally, thank God – finally YOU. READ. IT.

And here we are.

And there you are.

I was really happy to do this for you. You both seem like good, nice, normal people. And mostly I did it because you are being brave. You are taking a chance. You are swimming up stream and believing in LOVE and your own judgment. And those are things that I can get behind.

Well, I did it for those reasons and The Boy promised me an open bar at the wedding.
FYI. I have saved all of The Boy’s emails. So if you ever want them……for your grandchildren or something….let me know!!!!


Heh. She thinks we’re normal people.


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19 responses to “Scenes from a Proposal: The Mastermind

  1. That is so amazing. The blogging world is really a wonderful, wonderful place. Who needs normal when you’ve got “blog”?

    Congrats to you and the Boy, and I think I will have to start stalking you and Marcy…you ladies rock.

    I guess you’re going to have to take the “Single” out of your header at some point, eh?

    Happy weekend 🙂

  2. I can’t tell you how pleased this all makes me. And I’ve got to say…I wish I hadn’t been slacking off on my blog life while starting this new job this year…I’ve missed SO much. Congrats again. Lovely. Just lovely.

  3. I hope Marcy reads this because I want this post to get lots of comments that all say some version of what I’m about to write: not just the blogosphere, but the world, needs more people like Marcy — kind, generous, and willing to go the extra mile to do something lovely for someone who deserves it.

    Congratulations, again, to you my friend. And many kudos to Marcy for her loveliness.

  4. Nappy

    True words MP – She is one in a million!
    – Nappy
    (known @ Marcy’s and others as Rick’s Cafe)

  5. YAY Marcy! It really is one of the most original proposals of all, and to have someone coordinating it for you. How wonderful.

    Plus, OPEN BAR, DUDES!!!

    Ok, you were all thinking it. I’m just saying it.

  6. Jeesh, you have me crying at 7 a.m. again. Stop that. Oh my goodness, this letter.

    You’re getting more love at my blog today:

  7. Oh, for the LOVE….
    Honestly, I should be immune to goosebumps by now. But no, here I am, just as touched by all this magic as if I didn’t know a thing until just now.

    FTR I swear I’m going to do the linky thing. It’s just hard to explain our proposal to people who don’t know us, and it’s really straining my writing skillz.

  8. Mandy

    Congratulations! I just read up on all of this today. I have never visited either of your blogs. Somehow Twitter led me here. Anyway, Congrats again. AWESOME proposal. 🙂

  9. littlemansmom

    HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so adorable and wonderful….congrats!

  10. Open Bar? Did I tell you how much I love your town? And how did the ring get in the chair? Did he leave it there when he left? I need answers!

    But more than anything, I am one happy Mama for all three of you!

  11. theboy

    Wow, I thought I had left a comment here already! I’ve typed more than 5 of them.

    Yup, Marc (pronounced Mark) made me cry. And has made me cry several times. I can’t read this little piece of sunshine without at least tearing up. I guess I’m a softy. I guess true love can do crazy things.

    And just so you all know. Its the 5 yup five of us! But mostly, its one perfect team!

    Thank you all!

  12. My only regret is that I couldn’t get my act together in time to participate in this wonderful thing that happened this week. I know that sounds self-centered and weird, but I mean it in the most sincere way. I wanted to be part of all the wonderful bloggers out there who took the time to make this secret proposal such a feel-good thing. I still can’t figure out how you didn’t figure it out! Times are tough all over and there is so much horrible, horrible news out there. I am focusing all of my energy on things that are positive and uplifting. Marcy reigns as queen of coming up with ways to make folks laugh or at least smile. This past week was her magnum opus, I think.
    BTW I love your homestate, MommyPie. My husband and I decided to get married on our first trip there and then came back for our honeymoon. It will always be a romantic place for us.

  13. That is just the sweetest thing ever! ahhh I’m so happy for you! 🙂

  14. Annie

    Auds first clued me in with this cryptic email,
    “Subject: The World’s FIRST EVER Blog Marriage Proposal…
    is going on TODAY!

    Proposal 2.0

    That’s right….someone near and dear to several of us is going to be proposed to. I couldn’t help myself and wanted to share this with you all. But please, if you know who this is, don’t say anything. But do share your own stories about love, marriage and weddings. You guys all write so beautifully and profoundly about so many things, that I thought you might like to contribute a little something as well.

    My own post, Sometimes All It Takes is a Lighthouse, is up as well.

    Be well! ”

    Fortunately I’ve been tuned in since The Boy’s recent “re-appearance?” in Pie World so I was dying to follow every last detail. I saw that Super Mommy had commented on your site that day and I asked her if she was hip to what was going down. She said she had gotten Auds’ email but did not see the Proposal so I wondered if the same thing happened to you. There must have been hundreds of people on the edge of their seats wanting to give you a big ole PUSH but sitting on hands and biting tongues. It was not easy but so exciting!

    I’m enjoying the behind the scenes, too. It was an exciting day in the blogosphere, for sure!

  15. I’ve been so out of the blog loop that I didn’t see your proposal until today. So amazing! Congrats to you both, and may I say, that is one hot piece of man you got there, lady. So happy for you!

  16. theboy

    “hot piece of man” sure beats “hunk”! Uhg my ego can’t take it! Thanks!

  17. Congratulations! This was so cool to see unfold…well I missed the actual unfolding of the event but I just finished reading proposal 2.0 and all the comments. How sweet. I wish you the best of luck.

  18. Oh my. I figured the process had to be complicated but I didn’t think there was that much behind the scenes. I’ve met Marcy and she seemed nice and sweet at the time and this just proves my first impression was right. Thanks for letting us all be a part of it.

  19. When I saw Marcy post her comment — which I DID think was funny, by the way — about “get a room, you two” and “why don’t you just propose on my blog?” I laughed, and thought, if there were to be an on-line proposal, Marcy would have to be behind it.

    Little did I imagine.

    When Marcy e-mailed several of us to solicit help, I thought, The Boy could NOT have chosen a better accomplice for this. And I was right.

    One more time, congratulations to you both, and I look forward to Marcy’s vlog from your wedding!!

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