This I know is true.

This morning I awoke knowing one thing.

One. True. Thing.

The Blogosphere is tighter-lipped than a submarine full of government spooks. With Tourette’s. Wait. What?

(Yeah, I don’t know. It DOES paint a funny picture, though, right? Maybe it’s just me. Meh, roll with it.)

Three short months ago, the planets aligned and delivered me The Boy. Last night, once again, fate knocked on my door.

Scratch that. Fate SHOOK Bloggywood, rattling and rolling until Mommypie finally …




Had I known there was an actual REASON to fold laundry, I’d have tackled the permanent pile on the chair long ago. This, coming from the girl who, just one year ago, wrote THIS defining post …

Will wonders never cease?

If you’re as speechless as I have been all day, and have no idea what I’m talking about, you really should begin HERE — read through the entire post and click the link at the end — and you’ll see how it all went down.

I am dumbfounded. Awestruck. And feeling so incredibly blessed to have found my perfect match.

The Boy? Let’s just say you’ll be seeing a lot more of him. (Oh yeah, And Pa Pie? The broom in the photo above is merely a prop. I had no mop. And no bucket. Or ball or chain.)

As for details … tomorrow, I promise. For now, I’m gonna sit here in this coffee shop, sip my chai, watch the snow come down and fixate on my ring finger.

Life is sweet.


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43 responses to “This I know is true.

  1. waltzinexile


    Congratulations (again too!)

  2. Annie

    YAY! I know I was nervous. I can’t imagine how HE felt. Congratulations! It’s a beautiful thing. I can now step away from the computer.

  3. That proposal was awesome. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. He gets mad props from me.

  4. I’m still so happy for you and CANNOT wait for more details…what a great story.

    Thanks to you and The Boy for sharing with us. It’s awesome.

  5. This is just full of so much good stuff . . . words are not enough.

    GOOD STUFF, I tell ya!

    Congrats to you and here is to a very long and happy, super-mega-filled-with-joy kinda happy . . . life.


  6. Hooray!! Best wishes to you and Dave. It was a really neat thing to see/read.

  7. I’m new around these parts but so excited for you. Now? I’m a subscriber so I can hear the rest of the story!

    Congrats to you two. Wishing you blessings for a long and blissfully happy life together!

  8. Delurking to say congratulations!!!

  9. Now that is one glamorous photo.
    From under the laundry pile to sweeping the floor…

  10. Oh My GOSH! Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you! All of YOU!!! I’m guessing MP is just as excited as MommyPie!

  11. Oh, man, for the rest of your life it’ll be, “DaddyCakes [or whatever], I TOLD you –”

    and he’ll be all, “Ah ah ah ah! ‘Coolest proposal ever,’ remember? ‘Sweetest thing I’ve ever seen,’ remember?”

    And you’ll be all, “Aw, crap, can’t you ever let me FORGET your proposal?”

    And he’ll say “No” and he’ll win EVERY argument forever.

    Suck it up, MommyPie — he EARNED that! ha ha ha, love you —


  12. I just saw this tonight and CRIED at your answer. Man, I’m such a weenie!

    Congratulations! 🙂

  13. Please send save the dates soon so I can book my flight.

    No wait! I’ll drive and pick Foolery up on the way. You will have cake right? She wants to know.

  14. I’m so awestruck about all of this. And so happy for you.

    And don’t worry about that whole loss of job thing. Now I know where I can find one almost fully dedicated kick-ass freelance writer when I need one. Fortune, anyone?

  15. I have never been more excited for a proposal that wasn’t my own in my entire life. I found it about a half an hour before you did when I read the post on the blogess. I literally started shrieking when I saw the boy’s pic and my husband thought I was nuts. The right ones walk in at just the exact moment you become ready to recieve them. Huge congrats to you and the boy, I wish you much happiness.

  16. Congratulations again! So exciting. I just love the whole thing. I am a TOTAL sucker for reconnections with old friends/loves that lead to happiness like this. My Aunt married her high school sweetheart last year after being apart for 30 years – he was married to someone else, and when they got divorced he searched my Aunt out. Amazing. The Boy’s proposal? Amazing, and so well suited. I absolutely love that the ring was RIGHT THERE like that! It’s just all so… awesome.

  17. Me

    Many many blessings!!

  18. jp

    HOLY CRAP……………..I got goosebumps for you!!

    Pa Pie???? hahahahahahaha


  19. I haven’t stopped smiling. So happy for you all.

  20. April M

    Absolutely effin awesome!!!! How great. 🙂

  21. Congratulations! This is soooo awesome and what a wonderful way for him to propose!

    You gotta love, love…. the real thing that is!

  22. I am sooo excited for you! Congratulations!

  23. I’ve got those goose bumps, too. So absolutely thrilled for you and the fam!!


  24. congrats!!!! so much fun and so exciting and thanks for letting us all watch it unfold! 🙂

  25. aliasmother

    And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer crazy lady.

  26. I nearly fell out of my chair when Marcy twittered something about joining in her post and you twittered right after her about something completely unrelated. I wanted to shriek at you to get over there!

    I can’t believe how well everyone kept the secret. This has been so much fun. I am so happy for the both of you!

  27. I’m still so stinkin’ happy for you. YAY for MommyPie and The Boy! :))))

  28. The marrying yourself post? Hilarious. Instant loyal reader. You’re my kind of funny.

    Although I’m a few years shy of where you’re at, I get the whole single and searching and losing hope in guys and just being happy with myself. Cuz face it, no one knows you as well as yourself!

    I am always searching for my Great Love Story (I totally agree with chick flicks setting up unrealistic expectations!) but it looks like you found yours, even if it was later than you were hoping, I’m glad you still found yours.

    Thanks for sharing your stories, they’re hilarious. Consider me hooked!

  29. It was so much fun watching this story unfold.

  30. Oh how awesome, congratulations! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

  31. theboy

    I think I’ll go fold my giant pile of laundry. Maybe I’ll find something great under it all.

    Thanks everyone for your support and love! You all helped make it great.

    I have a Mop and Bucket!

  32. Well, see there…you’re all ready molding your extensive personal crap collections. You complete him. In a weird obsessively clean way.

    btw, PICK A DATE ALREADY ! I agree, people have to buy their plane tickets…no me, we’ve just got to make this show happen!

  33. Awww – Congratulations MP!! I’m so excited for you!!

  34. Love how the dog is there like “Is he gonna live here now?”

    Congrats! So exciting!!

  35. P.S. That dog looks like it wants to eat your fingers.

  36. Congratulations. What a great story. Thanks to Rachel for pointing me here!

  37. I will be carpooling with San Diego Momma. congratulations. I am incredible happy for you! (and The Boy)

  38. WOW. Congratulations to him and best wishes to you!


  39. I saw your proposal story / website through Smitten and wanted to say congratulations! What an amazing story — all of it! Enjoy your happiness.

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