Big changes brewing in Pie Town.

Okay, CLEARLY I’ve been in hiding. Kind of avoiding the poor old blog. Give me a sec and I’ll get you up to speed.

Last Monday I was laid off — for all intents and purposes, out of the blue — and rather than cry, my first reaction was YIPPEEE! Although I’ve made every effort not to vent about work here on da blog, my personal sanctuary, no doubt you’ve heard a few rants about the nasty office stew I swam in every day. Sharks, jellyfish and more often than not, a rusty spear in the back. Treacherous waters.

So, when I was called into the board room at 4:30 and told I was being let go due to the “economy?” It was as though a 50 lb. toilet had been magically lifted from my shoulders. Forget about being unemployed … I was FREE! And just like that? I became my own boss.

I’ve made what could be a life changing decision, Doogs. I’ve decided not to panic — instead, choosing to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to devote full time to my passion, Swap Mamas. (Oh, and the blog, of course … no more slackin’.) It’s a bit scary, but more than anything, it’s EXHILARATING. I’m doing something I love and helping people in the process, and it’s all a bit heady. So what if I’m broke for awhile? I’ll survive. I know if I don’t take this chance, I’ll regret it.

Along with my declaration of independence however, came a bit of unexpected revelation. Call it Twitter Exuberance. Call it Facebook Diarrhea. Suffice it to say, I’m out of the Blog Closet in my hometown, and that has caused a bit of internal … turmoil. Now that people in the bubble know I have a second identity … well, that changes everything, doesn’t it?

So there you go. Big week. Big dreams. Big change.

It’s all good.


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39 responses to “Big changes brewing in Pie Town.

  1. Erin

    Big week, indeed! Good luck to you…I hope it’s all you dreamed it would be.

  2. Ang

    You know I’m wishing you all the best! I’ll keep sending out those invites for swapmamas. Hope your outing works to your advantage!

  3. Wheee!!! Good for you! It’s delightfully refreshing and counter to the gloom-and-doom Greek choir around the media waves these day to see someone grow wings and hear them sing the Hallelujah chorus. You’re gonna be more than fine.

    But oh! What about the hilariously captioned cocktail photos?!? We will miss those… Thanks for the awesomely upbeat news.

  4. another co-worker

    Thanks for saying how much you’ll miss your supportive co-workers who took you out and got you drunk the night you got laid off. Whatever.

  5. Congratulations! I was in a similar situation in December 2007 and it was a blessing of all kinds. My boss was crazy and I was a mess. The day I was “laid off” I felt like I’d been given a gift and I made the decision to find my bliss. I’m happy to say that I’ve found it and I know you will too.

    Hugs to you and MP,

  6. I remember your tweet about the lay-off, so sorry MP or not sorry at all actually 😉

    I’ll keep swap mamas in mind when I get around to my spring cleaning.

  7. This is good!
    I’m glad you are celebrating it!
    You will make it a success, no doubt whatsoever.

    Also, I’m having the mixed feelings about “coming out” in my town as well. Family, neighbors, Toots’ teachers…on one hand, I have nothing to hide. On the other hand…I do talk an awful lot about bodily fluids.

  8. Annie

    I see a very exciting new chapter beginning!!

    Pleeease keep us posted!

    I’m on pins and needles.

    Best wishes!!

  9. Hey…if you’re happy that’s all that matters. Best of luck with the new venture.

  10. 3limes

    Good luck. It seems to me you have found the silver lining and those are the people that are the real winners. Keep happy and above all have fun!

  11. Good for you for having such a great attitude about it!

  12. i can’t possibly come out. i say too many mean things about my in-laws, co-workers, my minister (HA!)… you get the idea.

    best of luck in your future endeavors (sorry, sounds like a hallmark card). you will be successful because you kick ass…

    congrats, mommypie! 🙂

  13. Sorry about the bad news. Congrats on the new direction. You have the right attitude. Time for me to get back on the SwapMamas bandwagon. I’ve been slackin’

  14. theboy


  15. Me

    I know! I got dinner to cook for crying out loud!!

  16. I saw your Tweet but I wasn’t sure if it was a layoff or telecommunting. Good for you for embracing it! My layoff was the best thing to happen to me in years.

  17. Yay for change!!! Big change!

    Good luck!

  18. Me

    “Big week. Big dreams. Big change.” – No doubt.

  19. I’m so glad that you took it the way you did and turned it into something great! You’re right, you’ll never regret taking the opportunity, you have to take this kind of chance when it comes!

  20. Har har, har-dee har har. I can say that now. I’ve been avoiding you like THE PLAGUE for three weeks because I can’t trust myself to keep my big mouth SHUT. Lucky for me, you’ve been avoiding you, too.

    LOVE The Boy’s comment, above.

    How does it feel to be Queen of the Internuts for a few days? Not like you aren’t already, actually.


    — Laurie

  21. WooHoo! Welcome to the world of freelancing! (Or as I like to refer to it in moments of weakness: semi-retirement) Best of luck, even though you won’t need it!

  22. Hey, congrats about the, erm, unemployment, and your engagement as well.

  23. Annie

    So did you ever get back to The Boy? Did you even get his message? Auds’ email? Marcy’s post?You’re killing us here.

  24. yipeee!!! yay for you and your new life- or your better life 🙂
    I’ve started over a few times in my life and each time I feel liberated- and rarely do I worry. Things really do work out for the best.
    congrats and good thoughts your way!

  25. Nappy

    So this is what it looks like when the stars align?
    Good Luck and best wishes in your new and improved life!

  26. Good for you! Way to embrace change and seek out the positive. I see wonderful things in your future.

  27. Big week? Jeepers that’s an understatement.

    You asked me, in a recent comment how we all managed to keep yesterday from you…how you didn’t know anything about it? It wasn’t so hard because you m’dear, have been hiding. *lol*

    All of us here in the Barking Mad Asylum are so happy for you. Congratulations on your freedom and Congrats on that other big thing that happened yesterday. *wink*


  28. I’d say it’s been a BIG week!

    Congrats on all the changes…

  29. We are jumping for joy on this coast as well!!!

  30. Great attitude! I just found you – enjoying your blog – now I’m on my way to visit your swap link

  31. Yes, it’s been a big week for you, hasn’t it? Congratulations to you and The Boy. I’ve been grinning like an idiot since I found out about the whole deal. 🙂

  32. Big week for you … sorry about your job, but I sense a lot of bigger and better things coming your way.

    And what a way to be “outed”. Congratulations to you and the Boy, this is the most romantic thing I have ever seen on the internets, and memorable for the both of you I’m sure.

  33. Congrats on all the changes going on in your life! I wish you the best!

  34. washwords

    hello there, I found you (and that sweetie of a Boy) through proposal 2.0 and am so glad I did. Verifying that in fact, YES you do know and it’s safe to talk about, I say HOORAY! and am really glad I found your blog – besides that you’re an amazing writer, we have a bit in common.

    The day I quit my working-like-a-madwoman-and-not-even-for-much-glory job (and by the way, that was a few months after separating and umm 9/11), I took myself out for an ice cream lunch and knew the world was gonna change … for better.

    It took me a while to find my The Boy, and I’m still in disbelief that when it happened, it was sooo easy. The happiness and disbelief in your early posts made me smile – really happy for you two, yes, without knowing you! weird, huh?

  35. Yay, Yay, Yay for a great week!

    Many, many congrats!

  36. I just heard about the proposal…can’t believe I was asleep at the wheel. Heartfelt congratulations to you both!

  37. I’m in the same boat, and I have to say that getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was at a wall, and needed a big kick in the butt to get moving again. Great things will come of this, for both of us. If it’s your new site that you want to focus on, then I hope it takes the internet by storm!

    And congrats on the engagement! What a story you will have to tell.

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