You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons.

I am a hand whore. For some, it’s a good back scratch. For others, it’s having their feet rubbed. For me, it’s having my hands massaged.

Which is why this makes me laugh. (Make sure you turn up the volume.)

I confess. I totally make people touch my hands for stupid reasons.


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10 responses to “You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons.

  1. another co-worker

    Um, what the hell was that?

  2. OMG…that is hilarious. It never ceases to amaze me just how poorly people write and how they refuse to check spelling or grammar before posting something. It just makes that link all the funnier.

  3. That line is awesome, but the best part is gee-louse (jealouse). I STG, my favorite thing to call Bill is a gee-louse bastert. (He’s neither jealous nor a bastard which only makes it funnier.)

    Also? In our house, “YOU MAKE ME TOUCH YOUR HANDS FOR STUPID REASONS!!” is a very good way of saying to the person with whom you’re arguing that you’re all done arguing. So whoever uses it first wins the argument automatically…not sure WHY that’s the case, though. But then I’m not sure about the WHY of a lot of things that happen around here. 😀

  4. ACW — Sunshine in a link is what that is, my friend. Sunshine in a link.

    CBG — I think you meant “funnest.”

    Steph — I’m absolutely going to use that line when a fight’s done. You’re a genius.

  5. Maryann

    I was eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, catching up on my igoogle and clicked the link…well now everyone is awake in the house because when I tried stifling the laughter, I choked!

    I needed that! (not the choking, the laughter)

  6. That is hilarious….I might have to pop in a few times and let different ones in my fam listen to this….too funny!

  7. Weell okay so get offn my butt for not ussing the speel check okay and anyways that Chris he totally deservededddddddddddddd it TOO okay? So nexxt time I will use the spelllcheck thing so get off my backkkkkkkkkk



    foolery (probably) ; )

  8. Dandilion

    Everyday since I have seen this, I have greeted my Dad with a “Dear Loser [Chris]”

  9. the w

    Every time this is read you have to think Chris is lucky to have gotten away.

  10. Loren

    I have completely ran upon your blog by accident, and I have never laughed so hard in my life! Thank you, I am hooked.

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