What? Exploding Laundry?

I’ve been a very bad blogger. Between The Boy’s visit, Swap Mamas — which I’m OBSESSED with, btw — my town literally EXPLODING, and MP’s 5th birthday … sadly, the old blog has gotten the short end of the stick.

I figure the best way to catch up is a laundry list. Which brings me to:

1. The Boy. The yummy, lovely Boy. He folded my laundry. He fixed BOTH my toilets. He fixed Grammy’s sad front door, which has been held shut by an old screwdriver the past few weeks.



Oh yeah. He played with MP. Willingly played with dolls.


The Boy even taught her a new game. Mardi Gras House.


Wait. Isn’t that a reality show?

Although admittedly, both of us were perfectly content to stay home and hang out, we DID take a few nights to ourselves.

Remember the pharmacist Grammy was dead set on fixing me up with? We ran into him at one of downtown’s popular pubs. (We all went to high school together, the pharmacist was a class ahead. Small town. Yadda yadda.) He parked himself at our table for a good 45 minutes and DIDN’T. SHUT. UP. He talked SO much, he didn’t even notice when The Boy smiled and texted me the following:


Later, at another bar, sitting side by side, *I* didn’t even notice when The Boy texted me.




Seven days of The Boy, and not once was I ready for him to go home. Given the fact I’ve lived alone for nearly 15 years, trust me, this is no minor detail. When he left, I cried.

And now, in a complete change of direction, it’s looking like The Boy will be back this summer.

For good.

Unbelievably, he’s decided to pack up and move back home. Granted, there are some pretty major things that need to be worked out before the moving truck arrives, but it feels RIGHT. It feels good. It feels like it’s meant to be.

Oy. I’ve blathered on and on, and now it’s 1:30 in the morning. Mommypie’s gotta catch some zzzzzs — falling asleep at my desk every day is becoming a dangerous habit. The laundry list, like the laundry pile parked on my couch, will have to wait ’til tomorrow.

In bed at one thirty? THAT’s discipline, People.


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27 responses to “What? Exploding Laundry?

  1. I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!

  2. jp

    The HUGE smiles on both of your faces says it all…………HURRAY for happy news!!!

    Economy, schmonomy, The Boy will be back in town!

    Good for you………..

  3. You know what I can’t believe? I can’t believe there are ONLY TWO COMMENTS after this post! Shyahhh — come ON people, I’M usually (always) the slowpoke around here! Where are all the YA-HOOS?

    Here’s one:


    Although I’m SO bummed you won’t be my sister-in-law. Congratulations on entering a new phase of life. Come on SUMMER! : )

  4. This is really great news and you both look very happy. Congratulations and best wishes.

  5. This made me smile so big. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! GOOD FOR YOU GUYS!!! YAYAY!

    Also? HOW EFFING CUTE ARE YOU TWO TOGETHER? Ohmagaw, TOO EFFING CUTE, that’s how cute.

    I’m sorry. My extreme happiness for you has caused me to go crazy with caps and punctuation and all that. I’ll go back to lurking now.

  6. I feel privleged to have been reading when this went down…

    I was engaged to my husband after one fabulous week too. Of course I lived in Calif and he in NY. But the planets aligned and he moved to me in 2 months. And we were married a year later.

    Big smiles. Happy for you and him and the mardi-gras house girls too…

  7. You had me at washed the dog…LOVE HIM.

  8. thetick

    It would have killed him to shovel the snow too? But Mardi Gras house is funny. Ok, you can kiss him now. But keep in touch with Pharmacy Guy, that could be handy.

  9. I KNEW I forgot something. Actually Tick, he DID shovel snow. (Just keeps getting better, huh?)

  10. The boy is back in town! Crank it up!

  11. emily

    i de-lurk for great news such as this! i love reading your blog. i am very happy for you. i don’t personally understand he draw of FB (blasphemous, i know) but when it turns into something great, hurrah!

  12. I LOVE it when people de-lurk — thanks Emily!

  13. I loved the Mardi Gras house. I went to school in New Orleans and that was dead on.

  14. Sounds like a keeper! And looks like one too!

  15. That is so sooper dooper awesome, like for real. I think you make a fantab-looking couple and his sense of humor is perfect for you, and I love that pic.

    Also, the Mardi Gras house. Everyone looks so happy and naked. A portent? Perhaps.

  16. theboy

    I did not give the dog a bath! I was just melting the snow out of the poor dogs fur. She is little, and the snow was big! But the barbie dreamhouse was all me.

    Throw beads!

  17. wow- I love living vicariously thru you 🙂

  18. I am so happy for the pies.

  19. Yeah!!!!! That’s incredibly awesome news. Hooray for the Pie house!

  20. Aww you two are so cute! I’m glad Venus in Retrograde is working so well for you. Talk about a gift from your past!

  21. Mommiepie’s found a slice of heaven. Yay for you!

  22. Re-de-lurking (sorry, I’ve been busy) to say (yes, late, I know, see first parenthetical note): YEAAAAA for the Pies!!
    But tell Ugh I’m not throwing beads; I worked too hard for them.

  23. Woohooooooo!!!!! I’m so happy for you. I realize this is a few days late, but I’ve been not blogging too…though for no reason so exciting. Yippee for MommyPie.

  24. I’m absolutely in tears over here — tears of joy. I just shivered, too.

    That Mardi Gras Barbie House made him a Winner for sure.

    P.S. I think that Depot Dad might be a little jealous? What do you think?

  25. Hey, I won’t deny it. I’ve been crushing hard on Mommypie ever since the fat Steve Perry video. But who am I to pout when the Mardi Gras house clearly shows that Mommypie found herself a true genius. Against inspired brilliance like that, I never would have had a chance. Hooray for true love. Mommypie deserves every happiness.

  26. I almost fell out of my chair when I read “Mardi Gras House”… though a few beaded necklaces adorning the exterior would really ice the cake….

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