Hostess with the Mostess I am not.

So, a few weeks ago, I thought I’d try something completely new and organize a real-time, online swap meet on Swap Mamas. It was scheduled for this past Saturday. However, I’ve spent every spare minute each night on the phone with The Boy, and Saturday night was no different. While the two of us talked, I tried to log into the Swap Mama’s Chat Room. And couldn’t get in. Because my computer sucks donkey dookie lately. Some hostess, eh?

The Boy took over for me, entered the Chat Room from his end of the country and struck up a conversation with two of my favorite bloggers, Auds at Barking Mad, and Mrs. Waltz from Waltz in Exile.

While I wish I still had the chat on record, it seems large chunks of it magically disappeared hours later. And never having actually SEEN it myself, my only account is second-hand. I’d love to hear Auds and Waltz’s version (Hear that Doogs? Blog Fodder!). From what I could make out, while I was drowning my frustration in Bud Light, the threeway went something like this.

• Not knowing The Boy’s true identity, Auds and Waltz begin to size him up.

• Auds and Waltz become increasingly suspicious, and ask if The Boy has a blog.

• They ask if he even has kids.

• They wonder out loud if The Boy is trolling.

• The Boy tells them he’s on the phone with me and that I’m trying to get online.

• A&W warm up to The Boy, figuring he must not be TOO creepy.

• Ten minutes of conversation pass. A lightbulb goes off. “They’re figuring it out! They’re figuring it out!” The Boy says.

And suddenly, my online life and my real life collide. The Boy is laughing. I am laughing. I’m pretty sure Auds and Waltz are laughing.

We’re totally busted.

And the next day? The Boy and I did what any couple mad for one another in 2009 does. We changed our Facebook profiles from “Single” to “In a Relationship.”

Yup. It’s official.


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24 responses to “Hostess with the Mostess I am not.

  1. Isn’t that strange… I seem to have something in my eye…
    For the record, no one thought he was a perv! And “they” didn’t figure it out, Auds did, LOL I was totally clueless (hence all the suspicion) until Auds took pity and pointed me in the right direction. It WAS pretty amazing when the lightbulb finally clicked on 🙂
    And now I’m going to go click on Facebook so I can smile at your update!

  2. Woot for Mommypie! Lucky guy, “The Man!” Crack up on the chat room story!

  3. Andi

    Awesome 😉 So happy for you!!

  4. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Alright, I’m a dweeb. You really are smitten.

  5. Congratulations! If it is in facebook than it is official!

  6. Yay! Congrats for you both! That is awesome and I wish you the best!

  7. How I wish I could have been a part of that conversation. Sadly, I was in Nashville with a two-year old and two 90+ year olds, trying to nurse my embarassed Blisdom wounds.

  8. No I’m not! It’s….it’s the onions! I was just chopping onions, jeez. I’m fine. Really.

  9. NO WAY! Auds, I’ll deposit 5 bucks in your Paypal account if you spill it. 😉

  10. OMG!!!! I’m so happy for you!

    Holy crap.

    Have you had a chance to visit each other yet? More details woman!

  11. This is like a real life soap story. I find myself checking in to see if you have had a chance to see each other yet. This is great! You never know what is round the corner…

  12. Hooray for modern romance! Yay Mommy Pie!

  13. OK look.

    There better be more details forthcoming.

    I’m getting tired of this namby pamby hinting at something more crap.

    Spill it.

  14. So I am thinking…
    SwapMamas might start a new division.
    You guessed it..

    Only this will be like online dating. So I guess you would sorta be a pimp. But see you can meet men by sizing up what they have to swap???

    I haven’t worked out all the details…but I think there is genius in this somewhere.


    Let me know when the wedding is.
    I will swap someone for something to get you all a gift. Okay fine. I will actually buy something new. But if I see you swap it…I WILL KNOW.


  15. HA! I LOVE it — the genius, Marcy is YOU!

  16. Annie

    I feel like the wallflower living vicariously through you. Isn’t it exciting?! I don’t even Facebook yet.

    How cute is Depot Dad?

    Just like 3 Limes, I thought, wonder what’s going on with MommyPie and the Guy?

  17. I’m trying not to choke on my Coke whilst reading these comments, especially Marcy’s. *LMAO*

    Oh how I wish you had the archived chats. I don’t know if I can recall with enough accuracy, enough of how it went to make it worthy of blog fodder. What I do remember was that light bulb going off over Mrs. Waltz’s head when I said whatever it was I said that hinted at things. I mean it was just so VISIBLE in a virtual sort of way. I would have paid ANYTHING to see her face at that moment….well I take that back, it would have been PRICELESS to see Mommypie and The Boys faces as The Boy was relaying all of this to Mommypie.

    But ya know, in the end, we put a puzzle together, The Boy scored some wine glasses (which I just put in the mail today…sorry, and at that it was sent Parcel Post! double sorry!), I scored a 30lb box of clothes for the Little Imp from Mrs. Waltz, and Mrs. Waltz scored two brand new Camelbak bottles from me, along with a little something SECRET I am enclosing as well. So as far as I am concerned, Swap Mamas is a huge hit and I’d so pimp it ANYTIME for you!

    Damn, this is a long comment. I guess I did have blog fodder after all.

  18. Thanks Doogs — you guys are all the BEST!

  19. another co-worker

    I must say, a lot happened while I was on vacation.

  20. When you say BOY, you don’t mean The Boy from that ad, right? Because . . . yiiiiiccccccchhhhhhhhh


  21. Woo eee! I’m kind of late in the game here.

    Oh, that Depot Dad!

    So, have you seen each other?… Details, Mommy Pie!

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