What a girl wants. Or not.

So, Facebook ads. Tailored to my profile. A 40-year-old single woman.



No. Reeeaally?

Is THIS one of those great guys? Do you think his mom knows he’s in his room with the webcam right now? ‘Cause, OMG, he’d be, like, soooo busted.

Thank goodness he has enough sense to keep that v-neck on.


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21 responses to “What a girl wants. Or not.

  1. Hey, how did my paperboy get that job?

  2. Andi

    I saw that very same ad on my Facebook page and was all, are you serious? He looks like the kid who came to my house to set up my wireless. Puh-leeze.

  3. Kati

    You crack me up!

  4. Yes I am mean and will be punished in the future – but this post reminds me of one of my favorite You Tube vid’s everywhere.

    Let me know if you think it’s as funny as I do. Or if you think I’m a horrible person. Either way, I still think it’s hilar.

  5. another co-worker

    I think he’s perfect for you.

  6. HA!
    And I was just laughing at the ad on my page.

    Alcoholic RE-HAB.

    Niiiiccceeee. Apparently they can see me drinking when I log in…..


  7. What? You don’t want to be an Uber Cougar?

  8. thetick

    He looks nice. And almost no acne!


    I’d hit that V-Neck.

  10. it is creepy how facebook does that. one of us should try putting “watching porn” in the what are you doing right now part to see what happens.

  11. LoL he looks like he’s ALMOST 13… 😉

  12. He is such a kid… holy crap. SO funny.


    That guy looks like the biggest toolbag I’ve ever seen. And he also looks like he’s about 19.

  14. You said it. As all know, I am single too, very and match.com is a joke now and this picture just proves it.

  15. I doubt the girls in his biology class would even date him.

  16. Ugh, I know! I get those, too.

  17. I was going to come up with a randy comment, but then I just felt dirty.

    So I won’t.

    But oh how I wanna.

    I’m gonna go now.

  18. I have some stupid ad about Louis Pasteur.

    I don’t even wanna know what that says about me.

  19. Is this why you updated your status from single? To avoid “great guys” like this?

    Personally, I think he is SUPER hot and also, very nicely latered. I totally want his digits.

  20. (Also, “latered” was supposed to be “layered.” You know, like because of the sweater and button down and t-shirt and everything. I don’t know what “latered” would have meant but I could probably come up with something funny if I wasn’t tired and cranky and also worried about how I’m going to find my new layered boyfriend’s digits.)

  21. So, sh0uld I be worried about my ads for Jazzercise Sr. and The Clapper and Metamucil and Depends?

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