It’s MP’s world. I just live in it.

I usually have Friday’s off, but last week was crazy busy, which meant I had to run into work for a few hours Friday afternoon. Which meant I had to bring MP with me. Which meant helluuuu Happy Meal. I figured it’d keep her occupied for at least 25 minutes.

We were sitting in the McDonald’s drive-thru when MP made an observation.

“Heeeey … the McDonald’s sign looks like a big ‘M.'”

“Yep. And you know why? Sound out McDonald’s. What does it start with?”

“Mmmmmmm. M!”

“That’s right.”



“So if it started with a ‘D’ it would be DickDonald’s.


“And the sign would have a big ‘D’ instead of an ‘M!'”

(Uncontrollable laughter) “Yes, it WOULD.”

“Whoa. Aaaawesome.”


Hooked on Phonics. Mommypie gives it two thumbs up.

WAY up.


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15 responses to “It’s MP’s world. I just live in it.

  1. That is hilarious! Kids are too funny sometimes.

  2. And this, alone, is why I want one evening with your daughter. She’s HILARIOUS. I can see there this is going though…hit, bit, mit,….shit. You just wait.

  3. You need to get her an agent. Seriously.

  4. I just did a snort laugh because I didn’t want to laugh out loud and wake the baby. My oldest son likes to play a game where we make up sentences that contain mostly words that rhyme. We had to stop doing it in public when he was four and yelled “This itch is a b^^ch, said the witch” at the library.

  5. MindyMom – And the beauty is, she had NO IDEA why I was laughing.

    QB – I see it coming.

    Mental P – Ha! Thinking of starting her in acting camp next summer — have a feeling it might suit her …

    Jennifer — Bwahahaha! OMG that’s priceless!

  6. Ha ha ha! Did you say “up?”

  7. thetick

    Hukd on foniks werkd for me! Dickdonalds…you can’t make this stuff up.

    Oh Mommypie, THAT was a GOOD ONE!
    (Snort, snort, eyes watering with laughter!)
    1.)So now we know you’re HOOKED on phonics,
    2.)Rather the Clown be called DICK than Donald,
    3.)See the McDonalds sign with a BIG D instead
    of an M
    4.)And – we can Suspect that you may be going there:
    LOVIN those Happy Meals with That Clown
    Smilin’ SOO broadly and not wearing
    his pants That Way for nothin’ ! Just don’t
    becum aDICKted, but(sigh) I guess U
    already are!
    GFs, Check IT Out ! (Cummin’ SOON to a DICK Donalds near U!)
    Remember, Mommypie says it’s “two thumbs UP,
    Way UP”!!!
    Sounds like GREAT FAST FOOD to me!

  9. This is as good as when my 3 year old was randomly shouting letters on the plane. C! U! N! T!

  10. At our house we prefer the Golden I (IckDonald’s). But that’s only because none of us thought of the Golden D.

    And I have thrown out the rest of my coffee because I can’t risk another spit take over my keyboard. : )

  11. Holy cow she’s going to love reading all this when she gets older.

  12. I’m having a thought. Doesn’t it sounds like a drive-thru sex novelty shop – DickDonald’s: Get your dildo to go.

    Can you imagine the giant menu? LOL

    “Would you like some batteries with your . . .”

  13. I may just have to call it that from now on… too funny!

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