Change is good, yes?

So Swap Mamas is off to a great start, thanks in big part to all of YOU! If you haven’t joined yet, um … helluu?? Wadda ya waiting for?

Go on! Get your butt over there!

No, seriously.

I’ll wait …

With the exception of the most recent development in my life — that would be The Boy — I’ve been eating, sleeping and breathing Swap Mamas the past few months. And with the whole creative process, sometimes I veer off track.

I’m getting kinda bored with my tagline.

Here’s one idea — just do a little editing.


Or maybe sauce it up a bit.


Perhaps something more Zen.


More Pacino?


Wait for it …

Wait for it …


Take THAT, Google Search Freakshows.


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16 responses to “Change is good, yes?

  1. I got a little coffee up my nose on that last one!

  2. haha that is too funny, but in all seriousness I like option number 1 the best. 🙂

  3. sorry, but Eat Me is the best EVAR…

  4. Georfie

    Great made me laugh.

  5. You make me giggle, sometimes even pee a little. Every.single.time. Thank you.

  6. I think you need to have a slideshow banner, and do ALL of them.

    I must say I didn’t see the last one coming, but it deserves some serious thought. Over pie and ice cream.

  7. hahah oh I can only imagine the hits you would get with “Eat me.” Your tagline was “serve it up” when I discovered you, and has always remained my favorite. Thanks for inviting me to SWAP Mamas, but sadly I live in the southwest corner of Colorado. Its about 8 hours from Denver. Once I get a new car, I can probably make it.

  8. thetick

    “eat me, theres enough to go around” works . Or how about “strictly for public consumption, eat me” I’m just saying… perhaps there’s a good combination.

  9. thetick

    And, I think I can speak for us all when I say, we need more info on this “boy”.

  10. I would cast my vote, but I think you already know which one’s my favorite.

  11. I’m going with Pacino.

    I have a client whose business is called Blo (hair salon). is the website. I suggested for the recruiting section. Didn’t blow over so well. Go figure.

  12. Lovin the swap idea girl. (working on the feedback you requested I promise) As for banner feedback, I like the pacino.

  13. God that made me laugh.

    Hey…wanna overhaul Barking Mad…I soooo need a new tagline.

  14. lmao
    I looove the last one.
    You’re too funny

  15. Okay, I’m with the “eat me” group too. Sorry but sex puns are funny every time

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