Hell, I already have the hypoallergenic dog …

Foolery did it. So I had to do it.


My slogan was “LET THEM EAT PIE,” but somehow, that didn’t sound right.

Go make your own campaign poster at obamicon.me and if you post it, include linkage in the comments. It’s fun! It’s easy! And best of all, it’s yet ANOTHER way to dick around at work!


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6 responses to “Hell, I already have the hypoallergenic dog …

  1. Hot!

    I did one too in my left sidebar!

    I like the tagline too, Eat Cherry Pie wouldn’t have given the right impression either! 😉

  2. thetick

    Hoover Dam, MomJen beat me to the Cherry pie. Oh well, let them eat wake.

  3. The Mom Jen — Ha! That totally makes me think of 80s hair band Warrant.

    Tick — You’re a clever one, you are.

  4. Awesome. totally dicking around. I posted some on my site. I have one to show you on monday that I didn’t post.

  5. That is awesome! Am going to click and play about with it right now or should I wait till Monday when I’m working! Later.

  6. Once my mojo comes back with my sense of humor — *sigh* — I plan to do a lot more of these. Right now they’d all be Fashion Don’ts.

    Your original slogan made me laugh — not out loud, but the dreaded Silent Laugh of Work Places.

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