New Year’s Cliff Notes

Yesterday, I was gently reminded how dismally I’ve failed at basic blog duties. (How can I ever repay you, QB?) I never recapped New Year’s Eve. Criminey.

There were good friends.

And bad cell phone cameras.


Lots to drink.


And Mommypie texting.


A dirty comb.


A dirty ass comb.


And Mommypie texting.


More drink.

More comb.


A car ride home.


Zee End.


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13 responses to “New Year’s Cliff Notes

  1. I’m totally fixated on the comb. Why? Why was it on the ground, why does it have a hook… Just a whole world of WHY?

    I’ll have to get back to you on the rest of it.

  2. Looks like a fun night. I agree the comb. It looks like a throw back to the seventies!

  3. another co-worker

    I bet Gig’s Daddy is gonna kill you for posting that photo of him.

  4. Wow. Your New Years was way more exciting than mine. If I posted pics of mine, you’d see me sleeping in bed.

  5. Shake Shake, I actually DID post a video of my New Years Eve activities, which consisted of me poking at my husband’s face while he slept.

    We’re sad.

  6. If you want to get rid of the ‘demon eye’ on your pictures…once you have them down loaded to your computer you can go to this website
    and call them up. You can get rid of the red eyes by using their “red eye” feature or if that doesn’t work well enough, then you can go to the ‘doodle’ feature and very carefully color in the flaming retinas. There are also a lot of other fun features on that site. Fun for hours and hours. Or until you get caught doing it at work.

  7. Texting is OUT. Can’t hold your beer and text. Oh — wait — beer hat. Okay, never mind. Texting is okay.

  8. Too funny, especially “The MommyPie Demon Eye.” Although the comb was pretty scary too, it brought way too many memories!

    Hope your weekend is splendid!

  9. Great photos! But where are the ones where everyone looks wasted?

  10. Yeah, c’mon MommyPie! Give the people what they want! You know you have pictures of that.

  11. Lady, please tell me you didn’t pick a dirty ass comb up off the ground with your bare hands.

    Also, who’s the hot dude?

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