Homegirl’s Got Skills

MP drew this portrait of Poppy the other night.

Then she told me she wanted to take ‘artist’ classes.

I dig it.


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16 responses to “Homegirl’s Got Skills

  1. ooooo- I love it!
    I bet you could sell prints of it- seriously.
    very picasso-esque 🙂

  2. Mad skillz. Your progeny has mad skillz. Which is cool. My girl is just delusional. Can’t draw anything that even resembles anything/one but her dearest ambition is to “be a[n] art teacher when I be big.”
    Thanks for sharing; I’ll be doing less weeping for the future today.

  3. Totally right-brained! What talent 🙂

  4. This is sweet! She definitely has a good chance of becoming a starving artist…without the starving part. Can’t wait to say, I knew her when.

  5. another co-worker

    Can she come to the office and do one of me?

  6. That’s a seriously cool caricature.

  7. thetick

    And if you ever decide to get a tattoo. . . here it is.

  8. Some artist teachers will actually come to your home… but you may have to feed them, and they always have 2 cokes with their meal, and they always whine about how they may never pay off there artist school loans. Ask MP if she is into dance.

  9. I totally thought Picasso at first glance too. I love it. I would totally mat and frame that and not feel like a big dorky “I frame and display my child’s crappy artwork” mom.

    Oooh, or sell it on eBay.

  10. My daughter loves to draw also, I just love to see what they come up with.

  11. Gorgeous. I’m sure my little Bean could come up with something equally as wonderful, but unfortunately he eats crayons. So I guess we’ll never know.

  12. I definitely got a Picasso vibe. I’m sure a real art teacher would be very impressed. The angles and proportions are very interesting.

    I recommend a sketch book, ASAP! It keeps loose papers at bay and shows a progression. Encourage her to bring it everywhere. And lots of colored pencils.

  13. That has a definite Picasso feel. You should get her to some artist classes ASAP.

  14. Love it…..very Picassoish.

    What’s the cross thing on the ear?


  15. Santa brought a Melissa & Doug easel for Christmas. I think MP needs one, too.

    She has an unique way of seeing and wonderful proportions — a lot like my favorite illustrator/artist, Jules Feiffer, who I blab WAY too much about.

  16. Holy crap.

    That’s amazing. Seriously. Wow.

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