Ghost of Christmas Past

There’s this new carpet-shampoo-broom-thing commercial that comes on TV all the time. And every time we see it, MP goes crazy, telling me I MUST have it, and how much I really do want it.

She tells me I would like it for Christmas. Because I like to clean the carpet. (Truth be told, a clean carpet DOES make me insanely happy, but that doesn’t mean I actually ENJOY cleaning it.) I say oooh yes, I really WOULD like it. And at this moment, memories of Christmas past and all the cleaning equipment and kitchen accessories purchased for MY mom come rushing back.

I remember really believing she’d LOVE the can openers! And the hot mitts! And the dish towels!

Truth is, she probably did. Just like I love MP for wanting so badly to give me something she thinks I want. Never mind how many times I tell her what I really want is something homemade. She has her heart set on something store bought. As Seen On TV.

And I remember feeling that way too.


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10 responses to “Ghost of Christmas Past

  1. As Seen On TV, Ooh maybe you’ll get a ShamWow! I could go for a set. Merry Christmas MP!

  2. My kids did the same thing with those Sham Wow things. So I bought Grammy and I a box for Santa to bring us. The crazy thing is, I know they are going to go bonkers when they see them! Crazy! BTW, I rec’d my BAB card yesterday! Thanks again! Merry Christmas!

  3. @threeboys…you totally beat me! I would LOVE a ShamWow! Those just look freakin’ awesome! I did get my brother something “as see on tv” this year…the Barack Obama Victory Plate. It’s gunna be SWEET!

  4. Nappy

    Merry Christmas!

  5. The Princess is all over the Sham-wow and always warns us “Beware of imitations!”

    We hope that you and MP have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Personally, I want that Len Mean Frying Machine from George Foreman. Hope your day was happy;)

  7. Cat

    What a sweet muffin. I hope you had a great holiday, with all the hand-made (store bought) delights you could ever imagine!

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  9. Well, THAT was obnoxious. : )

  10. You beat me to it Foolery.

    Way to be a douchebag, Vincent.

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