I never claimed to be Martha Stewart.

Last night, Grammy, MP and I made Christmas cookies — the sugar crash came fast and hard, and after a minor meltdown, MP was out cold. Christmas can’t come soon enough for that kid — every morning she wakes, crosses off another day on the calendar, and literally jumps for joy that we’re another day closer to SANTA!! I love, love LOVE experiencing the holidays through her eyes.

Which reminds me … if you haven’t seen the NORAD Tracks Santa site, go check it out. NORAD counts down until Santa takes off around the world and then “tracks” him. We’ve tracked Santa the last two years — not only does it help kids with the concept of other countries/states/time zones, etc., all you Internet addicted mamas will totally dig it. AND, while the kids are waiting for Christmas Eve to roll around, the site has some super cute (and somewhat educational) online Christmas games — MP gives ’em two giant thumbs up.

So, until the big night Wednesday, we’ll be saving a few select cookies for the Man.


Question is, WHICH ONES?!?

Grammy’s accidental Patrick (Spongebob’s sidekick) IS impressive, but I’m thinkin’ my entirely deliberate Snow Monster blows him outta the water. Especially after MP added the blue M&M bellybutton.


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14 responses to “I never claimed to be Martha Stewart.

  1. I see you also tried to get all 3-D with the Snowman and his nose. Those are some excellent cookies!

  2. LOVE the norad site. I can’t remember if Ringo Starr still narrates it or not.

    Love the cookies! Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas and Santa brings lots of goodies for MP!

  3. LOVE the cookies….even the abominable snow monster!!! Too cute!!

  4. Nappy

    Now I’m hungry….again 🙂

  5. lol @ Patrick… was that supposed to be a christmas tree?

    you did a bang up job on the cookies! some day i may have the patience to bake cookies and involve my children in the process. now? i just wait until the one is sleeping and the other is watching a movie.

    marth stewart *I* am not.

    oh, and re: which cookies to leave for santa? i say one with a candy canes because i don’t like candy canes. (aren’t you glad you asked? heehee)

  6. I love making cookies for Santa with the kids. One of my favorite traditions. The cookies came out great! I was wondering what the blue dot was on the abominable snow monster…too cute when the little ones add their special touch.

  7. Those are most impressive. You should see the photos I posted the other day of ours. Not pretty. But sugar cookies shouldn’t be perfect or they wouldn’t taste right.

  8. Christmas Patrick is one of the cooler things I’ve seen all season.

  9. I totally vote for the snow monster. Or anything with a candy cane stuck to it.

  10. tell me when they start tracking the arrival of my next boyfriend, would you?

  11. Cat

    I’m glad you clarified that was a belly button. Was worried about what else MP may have been surfing on the web.

  12. Your cookies kick our cookies’ ass.

    If there were two blue M&Ms one might think the snow monster had blue balls.

  13. Love the cookies! Especially Patrick. I wanted to make cookies this year but didn’t have the time.

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