Exciting things on the horizon …

I’m having a hard time multi-tasking. I have something in the works, Doogs … something I’m SO excited about, I can barely contain myself. Lately, it’s consumed nearly every thought.

Which is kind of the way I operate. Obsession is my friend. (In other words, Caution: Post Suckage Ahead.)

At any rate, I’m really working hard to try and get it up and running as soon as possible, and I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll love it.

For lack of a decent post, I give you the Jonas Brothers Sing-Along. I know there are more than a few of you who love these guys — sadly, it wouldn’t be right to make fun of you considering my unnatural preoccupation with Edward Cullin. I don’t know the song, so you’re spared the agony of listening to ME sing, but you Closet Karaoke Enthusiasts will enjoy.


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4 responses to “Exciting things on the horizon …

  1. I don’t get the Jonas Brothers thing, but, like you, I’m obsessed with Edward. So I cannot mock. Good luck with the other thing, I hope you let us in on the secret soon!

  2. Nappy

    Okay….in the world of twitter & blogs, it’s been an eternity – what’s the big secret?

  3. Whatisitwhatisitwhatisit? Is it good? Can I get in on it? HOW CAN THIS BE ABOUT ME?

  4. (Seriously… can’t wait to hear all about it.)

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