Giveaway: Baby needs a new pair of FUZZY CROCS!

A few weeks ago a supa cool rep (SCR) from Crocs, Inc. sent me an email saying they would love to send me a pair of the cutest fuzzy kid’s Crocs EVER [my words]. FREE. Just to check out. How, exactly this happened, is still a mystery.

Once I stopped with the SQUEEEEing, I wrote SCR back and said, CHAH! Of COURSE I’d love to check out a pair.

BUT … because I think the whole Swag Brag thing [most times] comes off cheesy and just plain neener neener, I asked if they’d consider providing an extra pair for a giveaway. SCR said yes. Oh yeah. Now I’m really lovin’ this chick.

So, Wednesday? Guess what came in a little brown box?


A trip to the ER, a call to Animal Control and 47 stitches later, I went back to work. And found ANOTHER little brown box waiting for me.

It contained these.


Helluuu?? Can these BE any cuter?!? Come Christmas Eve, these little doggies are getting wrapped and slapped under the tree. MP’s going to absolutely LOVE them.

The story doesn’t end here. Ooooh no. (Don’t worry, I’m getting to the giveaway part. Patience, Grasshoppa.) So I take home MP’s new Mammoth Crocs (that’s their official name, but I still think of them as Fuzzy Crocs) and decide I MUST see them on her. So, while she sleeps, I slip them on over her footie PJs.

And they’re too small.


My heart sank.

I thought maybe it was just the PJs that were making them so tight. I grabbed a pair of her shoes and measured. Still. Too. Small. I wanted to cry.

I sent SCR an email, saying I felt like a ginormous schmuck, but would it be possible to send this pair back in exchange for a larger size? And to my amazement, she said of COURSE they would send me a new pair, and hey, don’t worry about sending the first pair back — just give them to someone as a Christmas present.

Plus, they’re still giving ANOTHER pair to one of YOU!

And now SCR has successfully made me fall completely and totally in love with her. And the company. I’m a customer for life.

(This MarketingProfs post I read a few days ago perfectly illustrates this little experience. Crocs, Inc. nailed it.)

SO, want a chance to win a pair of the new Mammoth Crocs? (Just so you know? I’m not doing this for more traffic. I’m doing it because you guys rock, and I’m totally diggin’ playing Santa!) There are a couple ways to enter:

1. Copy, paste and tweet this:

@mommypie is giving away super cute pair of FUZZY CROCS! Go enter!

Then, come back here and IN A COMMENT BELOW let me know you did it.


2. If you don’t use Twitter, go to the Crocs site, come back and tell me IN A COMMENT BELOW what color you like best.

Contest closes Wednesday, Dec. 10 at 8 p.m. MST. Winner will be chosen by Random Integer Generator.

Don’t forget to check back — I have a few more giveaways up my sleeve this month!


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66 responses to “Giveaway: Baby needs a new pair of FUZZY CROCS!

  1. I Twittered it MP!… and if you’re reading this kind Crocs people I’ve never ever not once called said Crocs are ugly, NEVER!

  2. OMG OMG OMG…I SOOOOOOOOOOOO Want those!!! I have not been able to afford the real thing, that Sunrise only gets the cheap ones that SUCK!

    BTW…I LOVE that photo with the croc…You are a trip, and so freaking creative!

    Tweeted! (If you hadn’t seen).

  3. I need your Photoshop skillz! My son asked for Crocs and the price tag had me saying oh hell no, but winning them would make me look like an awesome mom. These would be great for the days he has martial arts and has to leave his shoes outside. Today his favorite color is green so I’d go with the army colored ones. Thanks Mommy Pie!

  4. bunny

    I’ve twittered:

    Is this open to all? Thanks!

  5. jp

    What fun!

    TOTALLY Army green for either one of my Grandsons!

    Laughed out loud at that pic of the Croc coming out of the box!

    Good job!

  6. I laughed so hard that you tried these crocs on MP while she was sleeping! I would be too scared to get caught. I was sure that my DS was awake when I checked under his pillow to see if the tooth fairy had left him any money.
    I like the light pink Mammoth’s, because I’m totally digging the contrasting liner. We could SO use these. We only have two months of summer up her in the Great White North, eh?! If they made my size, I’d take the khaki.

  7. Matty & Carter LIVE in their Crocs!! How adorable would they look in these??! Plus I wouldn’t look like a weenie of a mother when it’s cold outside and my kids are in crocs without socks. BONUS.

  8. How adorable!

    I just tweeted this for you (Bella_Casa).

    Thank you!


  9. I like the cotton candy/oatmeal. They all look great though!

  10. I tweeted the link! I love Crocs (and so does my daughter – she got her first pair the weekend her brother was born!). Thank you for the opportunity to snag this cute pair!

  11. jen

    Awesome! I live in my lime green Crocs.. Well, just about. 🙂 Daughter wore out her orange pair of Crocs from extreme use and now has the University of Texas burnt orange pair of Crocs. With the cold front that blew into Central Texas this week, the fuzzy Crocs would be fabulous! Bright colors rule @ our house! I will twitter this + link to your post on my site.

  12. just tweeted. HOW cute are those!!??!! thanks!!
    txcloverangel = my twitter name

  13. Just twittered it! Sissy loves pink and has been wanting a pair of crocs for a loooong time.

  14. What a great gift idea!! 🙂 Love the fuzzy crocs!! I tweeted!

  15. How adorable!
    Yep-would love to have these for my Lil Princess and the pink is so smashing!
    What a great give-away!

  16. Just tweeted it for ya!! (DiaperDiaries)

  17. Kim

    Just tweeted your contest! We love Crocs here! Thats all my 3yr old son will wear! He needs a fuzzy pair for winter 🙂
    p.s. Love the croc photo lol

  18. Precious!! Just flippin precious!! I tweeted the link @charmingdriver!!

  19. I twitted about your contest. LOVE crocs!

  20. Hi MP!

    We are all about the Crocs in this household! I got the first pair for my older daughter when I was pregnant with my second and couldn’t get down to tie shoes so easily. She is two now and loves the independence of being able to do her own shoes.

    I tweeted your contest this morning. Thanks! 🙂

    Chase (@chaserules)

  21. I twittered it. My 6mo old niece who I watch every Friday would look adorable in a pair of those!
    Crossing my fingers.

  22. My daughter and I just looked at these and we love them.

    Of course I tweeted.

  23. I tweeted 🙂 Thanks!

  24. forgot to tell you my twitter name… @zaankali

  25. I do love crocs! Not for the kiddies tho, and not for city wear! They’re beach wear and around the house. I’ll tell you the rest of the story one day! But yeah, I’d love to win a pair of these they’re perfect!

    Thanks MP

  26. haha, Supermommy, me neither.. You had me at wooly. All black!

  27. Gotta go with the chocolate! C’mon random number!!!

  28. Beth

    We are a Crocs Family! Everysingle one of us has at least 3 pairs! I made the mistake of buying a pair fake ones once! Nope, no way, they suck! Only REAL Crocs from now on! I’ve had my eye on these fuzzy ones-I’d pick Chocolate/Oatmeal!

  29. YAY, Santapie! I’m so excited. Y’all, I saw the crocs in person, they ROCK. I prefer the chocolate with chocolate lining, myself.
    I might just go out and by these myself. I don’t know if I can wait a whole week!

  30. Been twittered and now being coveted!

    Also, I thought I should point out that your calendar (as evidenced by the photo above) needs to be changed.

    Helpfully yours,


  31. You are a brilliant marketing genius.

    That is all.

  32. Just sent out my Tweet Genius Mommy Pie.

    I want a pair for Benjamin soooooo badly. They are adorable, aren’t they?

  33. Your contest has been twitted:

    TY so much for this opportunity!

  34. I twittered you up gal o’mine:

  35. tami

    Oh, the Navy-Oatmeal ones are PERFECTO for my daughter! She would love them. Easy to slip on and cozy warm!!!!
    Your blog is awesome Mommy Pie!!!!!

  36. I tweeted about it. These look awesome!

  37. Amy

    Those are so cute! I love the army/oatmeal color and my daughter would get a kick out of them!

  38. I tweeted I love twitter. And glitter. Okay. Enough. I hope I win.

  39. It’s been Twittered (tweeted?). Those are so cute!

  40. jen

    I twittered it again & even posted it on my business blog AND this morning, it was my facebook status. 🙂 I love crocs.

  41. Chocolate, just like my favorite treat! 🙂

    Thanks for the entry!

  42. I like the khaki/oatmeal Crocs.

    I live in my fake Crocks…oh how special it would be to have a pair of real ones to give to my most very special nephew who just started pre-school this week.

    🙂 Tami

  43. Michelle

    I love the cotton candy, but since there are only males in this house I would get the khaki for my son. Everyone makes fun of me for our love of Crocs, but they are so damn comfy!

  44. I tweeted
    thanks so much for the chance to win, those look so cozy!!

  45. I Tweeted!!

    They definitely are the cutest things ever, and J would be in heaven. She’d probably sleep in them w/her footie pjs just like in your pic. 🙂

    Fingers crossed!!

  46. Carla Pullum

    I like Cotton candy color!

  47. ::tweet tweet::
    I like the navy/oatmeal ones! Sorry but I can’t figure out how to find/post the actual tweet.

  48. my daughter as the same footie pjs!

  49. Cotton candy…or as Pinkalicious would say: “Pink! Pink, pink, pink!”

    I don’t Tweet so I had to check out the website, and they have a big notice to order 1/2 size larger. Maybe you inspired them. 🙂

  50. Amy Jordan

    I went to the croc’s site and even found a pair my nephew would love (black with black fuzzies). So cute! How awesome are you for getting (and offering) these. I love your blog and this is fur sur one way to get folks to leave comments instead of lurking.

  51. Oakland Mama

    Love the fuzzy crocs. My 4 yr old would live in those. The Navy is my choice (altho his would probably be different…little bugger)

  52. SO this is what I do for fun.
    I go to the Croc website (far too often) and just sorta ‘visit’ all the shoes I want. Including the fuzzies.

    I am sad and pathetic.
    And I am thinking crocs needs to totally get in touch with me. I will pimp any product you have Crocs. I love them all.

    I want fuzzies in black…or ANY DANG COLOR they want to spare. Cuz I love them. Do you hear me Crocs? I love you. You don’t have to say it back. Wow, now this is akward huh?


  53. Tweeted! All I wear are CrocsRX. No more foot or shin pain for me! And the grandbaby loves her maryjanes.

  54. Of course I twittered it… that’s how I got here myself! 🙂

    But seriously? I’ve been trying to figure out how to justify a pink pair of these fuzzy ones for the kidlet for awhile now… they are just too darn cute! 🙂

  55. pam

    I tweeted it for you.

  56. I’m here by way of Lotus @ Sarcastic Mom & I’d ♥ the chance to be entered into this fab giveaway. I don’t have a Twitter acct. so I went to the website & I hearts; the Navy Oatmeal ones & would hearts; to win them for my youngest son. Thanks again for this giveaway 🙂


  57. mydoppleganger

    I did it, but if I win my husband is going to be SO PISSED! He HATES Crocs with a passion, but I adore them and since I’m the one who has to wrestle the kid to the floor to velcro her damn shoes, I’m the one who gets to PICK the damn shoes. And I love these.
    : )

  58. Renee

    I’d vote for the navy/oatmeal combination, but they’re all cute.

  59. Crocs are awesome!!! I love the berry ones on the site! so purty!!!!

  60. I twittered! (@karenhartzell).
    I love the new fuzzy crocs. They would look adorable on my baby girl’s feet too.

  61. The Chocolate ones are so nice!

  62. Cinnamon Brissette

    My son would love the Chocolate/Chocolate crocs. I don’t know anything about twitter, so I have to leave it here. Love your site. You always make me smile. He wears a size 2. Thanks for hte opportunity.

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