Along the lines of ‘Go Climb a Rock.’ Or ‘Camping Is My Bag.’

Going through a dusty, ancient file cabinet in my office yesterday, Co-Worker QB came across THIS little piece of marketing history.


I sat at my desk and worked. She worked herself into a lather.

QB: OMG! We should totally put this on a shirt!

ME: That’s awesome.

QB: We could use the old logo too. We could ALL wear it!

ME: Totally retro.

QB: Retro, yeah! ProForma has these new shirts, they’re made out of bamboo … we could order those …

ME: Wait. What? BamBOO?

QB: Oh yeah, you can totally make anything out of bamboo.

ME: Bamboo?

QB: Yeah. I’d totally wear one.


QB: Dude. They make a crapton of stuff out of bamboo.

So I looked it up. And they DO make a crapton of stuff out of bamboo. There’s even a blog about it — 1,000 Things Made Out of Bamboo. It has a crapton of photos. One thousand, to be exact. There were more than a few I found interesting, however, the site is almost entirely in German, which … I do not speak. I can’t be sure about the descriptions, but I’ll give it my best shot.

First one’s a toss up. Nose Picker for the fingerless. Or one of the legs from that stupid spider at the end of the Stephen King TV Movie, IT.


Harnessing the power of old people with the Giant Hamster Wheel.


Some kind of musical instrument.

Or more likely, a bong.


Pod People Casings discovered after washing ashore following Hurricane Katrina. Hume Cronin is expected to emerge any day now. All shiny and new with magical powers.


Portable Periscopes. For Portable Bamboo Submarines.

Or bongs.


This one I’m sure of. Really bad beer.


And this newly discovered flotilla land mass. Huck Finn, eat your heart out.


So yeah. I totally want the Good Nature shirt.

Bamboo images borrowed from these guys.


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10 responses to “Along the lines of ‘Go Climb a Rock.’ Or ‘Camping Is My Bag.’

  1. That is a crapton. I wanted to get bamboo floors but that shit’s ex.pen.sive.

  2. maybe i can build an island out of bamboo and retire there…

    seriously though, bamboo is the botanical equivalent of roaches in NY–it cannot be stopped.

  3. You are hilarious. Clearly the other side of bamboo – but like Mel said, bamboo floors are great.

  4. another co-worker

    Dude, you have A LOT of spare time…would you please start dating that cute banker in our Leadership program? We could spend holidays together in the middle of nowhere…

  5. Bamboo knit material and fleece is the softest EVER! I have some awesome bamboo socks.

  6. Get out. Seriously?!?

    When I think “bamboo” I think Panda Bears and little sticks stuck under fingernails and lit on fire, which is a torture method I must have seen in a movie somewhere along the line.

  7. i totally piffed (choked on my water) when i read this: “Hume Cronin is expected to emerge any day now. All shiny and new with magical powers.”

    you are sick.

  8. I scrolled down too fast and got to the red scooter picture from the previous post. For a minute I thought, “Wow, they really can do a lot with Bamboo.” Then I realized what I had done and also realized that I’m a total idiot.

    I do want some bamboo sheets.

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