Holiday joy is exhausting.

Decided to get a jump on things this year — broke out the holiday decorations a few days after Thanksgiving and spent the afternoon Christmastizing the house. Everything’s done but the tree and I gotta say — feeling pree-tty durn proud of myself.

MP was so excited, she spent the entire time buzzing from one box to another, emptying contents, arranging displays and generally acting the part of whirling dervish. This? Is what I love about the holidays. Pure joy. Not to mention, we managed to avoid Black Friday’s crushing mobs of insanity, which made the weekend all the more sweet.

Dinner was ready by 6 p.m. — a Pie House rarity — and while I finished cleaning up, MP ate in HER kitchen. Which, by the way, happens to be nicer than MINE. I can’t tell you the satisfaction I get playing in that thing. Almost as much as the Cathouse. (Really just a dollhouse inhabited by the Cat Family, I’m considering changing the name now that I see it in writing again. Mustang Ranch, perhaps?)

I digress.

Not 10 minutes later, she was out.


In mid-chew, no less.


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20 responses to “Holiday joy is exhausting.

  1. T

    Aw!! Poor little pooped out helper!!!

    Love the pic!

  2. I am glad you specified about the cathouse. I was scared for a minute

  3. Andi

    How I envy the ability to fall asleep like that! I have tons of pictures of Lauren where she just passed out wherever she was.

    I haven’t done my Christmas decorating yet (we’re still in Toronto) and I’m soooo dreading it. I love how the house looks when it’s decorated, but the job itself is just so overwhelming!! I wonder if I can get away with a tabletop tree this year… hmmm…

  4. Fabulous. I’m sure Spongebob would have been proud.

  5. That is so adorable. I love how kids don’t care where they are if they’re sleepy. And hey, at least she didn’t faceplant into the food. 😀

  6. Bless her busy little heart!!! Great picture!

  7. Please send some of MP’s sleeping mid-chew fairy dust over here. I can’t get my kids to sleep during the holidays for ANYTHING.

    Totally serious: Toots has been prowling around the house at midnight looking at the Christmas decorations.

  8. that picture is totally priceless!

  9. Me

    Oh My Goodness! Ka – ute!

    PS Thanks for the tip regarding Bloggers Unite. I didn’t know about it.

  10. waltzinexile

    Is no one else concerned about the ginormous SpongeBob…..?

  11. laurakim123

    Oh man how totally cute is that!!!

  12. That is serious exhaustion right there. I love that picture.

    How tempted were you to just leave her there for the night?? JK!

  13. Nappy

    A math question:
    Would your pictures be twice as cute with 2 children, or is it a geometric growth?

    -no hidden motives, just being silly asking an age old question 🙂

  14. Did ya lace her dinner with something!?

  15. That picture is not only precious, it’s priceless!

  16. That is one to threaten to show the future boyfriends. : )

  17. This cracks me up. Do you know how many photos I have of Jake like this? How do they do that? If only…

  18. Bless her little heart. And I totally agree with Tootsie!

  19. That is a fantastic photo! I have a similar one of a younger child asleep in his applesauce, but the bits of food still in her mouth make this one particularly awesome.

    I also have to say that I LOVE the lucky list idea, and we’re going to be making ones of our own tomorrow. That’s brilliant.

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