This would be awesome if it were true.

This was MSNBC‘s home page earlier this week.


So I see this and I’m all, no WAY did a condom company use Beat It in their ad campaign. Because Sheik, that’s a condom brand right? And then I think, how freakin’ BRILLIANT. BEAT IT?!? And within seven seconds I see the actual commercial — staring Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords, no less — unfold in my head. It’s so awesome, that I’m sure Sheik must be a Nordic company because those crazy ass Swedes are the ones always making hilarious, raunchy ads that would never get air time in the U.S.

At any rate, no doubt MJ’s pissed because I’m sure Sheik didn’t actually ASK to use the song. Hence the lawsuit. You know if they HAD asked, he’d never go for it. Helluuu? Um, Gloved One??

But then it dawns on me the theme song would actually be counter-intuitive. Because if you’re using a condom, you’re probably not … er … yeah. When I finally DID click on the link, the story was about an actual sheik and NOT condoms.

And I was a little sad because I really, really liked the idea.

Then I scrolled down and saw the astronaut urine story, and perked right up.


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10 responses to “This would be awesome if it were true.

  1. Nappy

    …and I’ve been dreaming of tacos – it could be a long, hard winter.

  2. mybigfatgiantass

    If MJ actually used condoms, Billy Jean would have never had a case…

  3. I’m laughing at the Jemaine comment, Hubby and I love FOTC!!

  4. I’m pretty sure Sheik will be emailing you now to offer you a job in their PR department. Or maybe to talk about doing a giveaway on your blog.

  5. lmao… i sense a condom giveaway coming.

    what i find more disturbing are the other BS stories on the msnbc site. “depression baby, 85, tells how to have a great holiday.”
    seriously? how f-ing sad is that?

  6. I KNOW! Most days I’m pretty shocked at the “news” that makes it to their home page.

  7. I love the way your mind works. I didn’t even remember the condom brand. I saw this in my reader and thought, “why wouldn’t it be true?” Hee hee.

  8. LOL! Thanks for that scary glimpse into your brain. Now I’m looking at all of those headlines sideways.

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