Yippee! It’s The Memorist giveaway!

Been offline a few days due to a little laptop/internet issue, which seems to have worked itself out just in time for my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!

I’m kind of excited.

It’s kind of cool.

I’m kind of getting ahead of myself.

Let me back up.

TLC Book Tours contacted me and asked if I’d like to try reviewing a new book by a bestselling author. They thought the topic would be right up my alley, considering my penchant for the paranormal. That, plus a deep-seated love of books had me squealing “Free book? Yes! Yes! YEEEESSSS!!”

Turns out The Memorist by M.J. Rose WAS right up my alley. I’m going to cheat a little and give you an exerpt from the book jacket:

The dreads are back. As a child, Meer Logan was haunted by memories of another time and place, always accompanied by the faint strains of elusive music. Now the past has reached out again in the form of a strange letter that sets her on a journey to Vienna to unlock the mystery of who she once was.

With each step she comes closer to remembering connections between a clandestine reincarnationist society, a lost flute linked to Ludwig van Beethoven, and David Yalom, a journalist who understands all too well how the past affects the future.

Here’s my take. With each short chapter, Rose expertly weaves multiple points of view to tell the story of a woman struggling against a belief in past lives — even when everything tells her she has lived before — and what happens when her past catches up with her.

memoristIf you’re NOT like me, and this all seems a bit hinky for your taste, add modern day terrorism, a ton of fascinating historical background and storytelling on par with The Da Vinci Code to the mix. If THAT powder keg combination doesn’t spark your interest … you’re beyond Mommypie’s help.

It’s clear from the fantastic historical detail that Rose did her homework. And the way she painted Vienna? Never a place I had much interest in visiting, it’s now in my Top 10.

If I had to come up with a negative, it would probably be the large cast of characters. While an effective means of heightening suspense, I have to admit, it took awhile to keep so many people straight. However, it’s the character development that could make this thriller a great candidate for feature film. IMHO of course. I can totally picture it.

With that, in a shameless attempt to appear all official-like, The Pie House gives this book four and a half out of five pies.


By now, you’ve probably guessed what the GIVEAWAY is, yes? I have two hardcover editions of The Memorist, hot off the press, just waiting to be read by two lucky commenters. All you have to do is leave a comment by Sunday, 6 p.m. MST and tell me the following:

If past lives DO exist, who do you think YOU were? It doesn’t have to be someone famous — chances are you WEREN’T anyway. (Yeah, sorry.) And if you don’t believe in past lives, think of it as a hypothetical. It won’t affect the drawing outcome one way or another.

Big thanks to TLC Book Tours — I can’t wait to read everyone’s thoughts!

P.S. TLC also sent along some copies of Rose’s bestselling book, The Reincarnationist, which preceded The Memorist. I’ll be reading it next — doing things a bit backwards is my specialty — and giving away THOSE extra copies soon!


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29 responses to “Yippee! It’s The Memorist giveaway!

  1. I’m not sure… but if past lives do exist than I was definitely, no doubt about it, a man.

    Yep. Not sure what kind of man. Maybe an Indian Chief or something.

    This book seems super, super interesting. Thanks for the contest MP!

  2. i’m pretty sure i was a lowly farm worker or something. could possibly explain my love for animals? or hate for cats?

    anyway, would love the book… as a christmas gift for my mom. heh.


  3. I totally believe in past lives. Always have. I have two guess at my guesses at past lives:
    1) A “middle class” young lady from Jane Austen’s time. Though, never in the romantic conundrums she writes about.
    2) Civil War era Philadelphia resident. Think Little Women, and because whenever I go to Philadelphia I feel like I KNOW the city.
    Hey, I could have been both!

  4. Todd Livingston

    I think I was an animal one of my past lives, a buffalo to be precise. I have this occasionally recurring dream that has to be some sort of repressed memory. In it, I am a baby buffalo, running with the herd. The crazy thing about it is how I would think as a buffalo — no language, just instinct and some kinds of emotions. It is too bizarre, can you imagine any kind of thought process without any language?

  5. Cat

    Very exciting, yay for free books! I don’t personally believe in past lives, I like to think I was a dog. A dog in a good home, where I could just sleep all day and get scratched every so often. And pee without taking down my pants, that’s the main thing.

  6. amyf4

    I will come out of my lurkdom for the chance at free books. I am a non-believer but I would hope and pray that if I had a past-life it was as a man-who had a wife to take care of me and the kids-and wait on me hand and foot. Cause I am too tired in this life to have had a hard past-life.

  7. My hippie mom used to tell me I was “an old soul.” She would also look at my dad and say “Yeah, this is your first time on Earth isn’t it?”

    In a past life, I was probably heretic/witch, burned at the stake, which is why I was re-born a water sign. I think I lived in Africa, South America, Japan or some other non-cheese eating culture, which would explain why I have such a disgust for the food now.

  8. I’m pretty sure I was a Lady. High born. Probably British. And wealthy. It’s why I’m obsessed with etiquette and can’t keep my house clean (though I love a clean house). And why I spend like I HAVE money, when I don’t.

  9. I think I was probably a peasant girl in medieval Scotland, since I’m totally infatuated with all things Scottish, and the odds are that I was a peasant rather than a noble. 🙂

    The book looks fabulous and fun! Just the thing for the holidays. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  10. waltzinexile

    Pretty sure that in a past life I was a complete bigot. I have no other explanation for my capacity for empathy and social justice in this incarnation. Also pretty sure I’m still due to have another incarnation wherein I will learn not to be quite so judgey and pedantic in re: people of limited intelligence.

  11. I was probably an old school teacher from the colonial days. Either that or a hooker from the old west…cute outfits either way!

  12. I think I was an animal. Maybe an elephant. I am totally drawn to them.

    If I had to be a human I would guess someone from the 1940’s. I always have been able to relate to that time for some reason.

  13. What a fun giveaway!! Count me in!

    I think in a past life, I must have been an astonishingly good baker. Hence the reason I have no talent for it now. I used up all my talent.

  14. I was Mary Wollstonecraft (Mary Shelley’s mother). I am sure of it.

  15. Candy

    Not sure I was here before. But if I was, I feel like I would have been a quiet middle-class female in the 30’s. Not sure why? And there’s no way i was a single mom, cause it’s way to hard to have done this before!

  16. linda

    I am pretty sure if I had a past life I was a man who lived in a warm climate. That is my only explanation for always wanting to be in charge and hating winter.

  17. Nappy

    If one is to put weight to such thoughts, I would have been, in no particular order, a dog, some level of royalty, a grandparent and a librarian. But if you wanted my address, all you had to do was ask 🙂

  18. andij1967

    I’m not sure if I believe in past lives or not, which is interesting, given my strong belief in all things paranormal. Anyway, if I had to guess at who I was, I would say a man. Probably a doctor because medicine and healing are such an ingrained part of my psyche, I can’t imagine living ANY life where I wasn’t taking care of people.

  19. 3limes

    I was absolutely and definitely a character of some sort in the French Revolution. I am certain of it because there is not other way to explain my infactuation with said period. Love the clothes, love the court of Louis IV ( see I can even write the numbers)… love the high hair..but I don’t think I was guillotined. No. Not sure how I died. But I did live in the court of Versailles and I think I was a man, despite longing for the girl’s clothes. hmmm

  20. I have always been in love with anything from the 1930’s 1940’s era. Ever since I was a kid, my favorite books, movies and songs were from this era and still are today. I definitely think I was alive back then and lost someone in World War 2…and I think I must have lived in Europe. Not sure if I was a man or a woman…but I definitely think past lives do exist!!

  21. another co-worker

    Ummm…I was totally famous. Well, probably not, but when I little I was terrified of trains and fire, so my mother has always assumed that I died in a fire or on a train. Pretty exciting.

    I personally believe that I was some sort of Annie Oakley gunslinging horseback-living cowgirl in the old west. I won’t go as far as to say I was a prostitute, but you never know.

  22. I am pretty sure in a past life that I was a rich person. I have day dreams all the time about what it would be like to have LOTS of money. and an ER surgeon….that would explain the money.
    So here I am a stay at home mom who used to be a wealthy and prominent ER trama surgeon. Is this crazy? I feel a little crazy.
    This could explain a few things, like why I LOVE anything medical, and also why I have a spending problem! LOL!

  23. I wonder sometimes if I had a past life where I died as a pedestrian being hit by a car. I sometimes have flashes where I can actually see/feel impact. It seems very real and is pretty scary.

    I like to think it happened in a past life – and isn’t foreshadowing.


  24. Hmmm…I’d like to think that I’ve come a long ways. I probably started out as a mosquito, or something equally annoying and short-lived. Since then I would hope that I’d progressed to more complex organisms, and maybe lived a while as some sort of peasant or endentured servant. No ego on me! 🙂

  25. Thank you! Now I have a Christmas gift for my mother. And wouldnt it be nifty if I won the giveaway and the gift were free?

    So I believe in past lives some days… I think I was a teacher in a past life. Oh wait, that was a past year. No, I was probably a blacksmith because I hate to be cold.

  26. I think I was a man baby! (say it like Austin Powers)

    I’m such a tomboy I think I had to have been, that, or Ellen DeGeneres. 😉

  27. I totally think I was a trollop who worked in a brothel above an Old West saloon. I hated what I did for a living, but needed the money and liked the attention. After hours, whenever I was alone, I’d sneak down to play the saloon’s piano and sing sad campfire songs.

  28. Carolyn Sharkas

    I think I might have been a settler in the old west. A really hard life with lots of struggles and sadness, but joy in the simple things in life.

    thanks for sharing

    carolyn s

    ceashark at aol dot com

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