Wiping noses and drool(ing over the vamps).

So the Board of Directors Retreat? Missed it. Yep. Woke up early Thursday morning to a very sick MP. After finally getting her coughing under control with the nebulizer, I was debating whether to go. And then she threw up. There was no way, in good conscious, I could spend the night an hour away. I THINK Conservaboss was cool with it … we’ll see Monday.

It’s now Friday night and she’s sleeping soundly, bouncing back already. I had a feeling this one was coming. Bobo’s had the Crud for a week; and last weekend MP and I hung out with my old friend Cannonball and her kids, who had it too. One way or another, she was gettin’ it.

The Cannonball Family was back in town for a visit — staying at her parents’ ranch on the other side of the mountains. MP and I drove up for the afternoon.

While Mr. Cannonball was out hunting with Grandpa Cannonball, she and I sat in her kitchen, drinking wine, woodstove blazing in the middle of the day, while our kids played.

I don’t even know how we got on the subject.

CB: This is gonna sound weird. There’s this book I’ve been reading …

ME: Mm hmm …

CB: You’d totally love it. It’s about vampires, and the guy …


CB: YES!!!

ME: Edward Cullen?!?


ME: Hot.

CB: Uh, YEAH …

ME: I’m already on book three!

CB: I’m on book four!


CB: What is WRONG with us?

ME: Edward is HOT.

CB: Um, YEAH …

ME: And Jacob? With the werewolf thing goin’ on?



ME: We got issues.

CB: Totally.

So, for the uninitiated, the Twilight Series is a four-volume set of vampire books. Written for TEENAGERS. (Aaaand, it just gets more pathetic.) Chances are, you’ve heard of it, especially now that the movie’s coming out Nov. 21.

Oh yeah. CB had a People Magazine she’d picked up at the airport. We found a photo of the actor who’ll be playing hottie teenage vamp Edward Cullin. Which didn’t help things.



We are sick, sick, mommies.

Image borrowed from this chick.


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19 responses to “Wiping noses and drool(ing over the vamps).

  1. Um hello. I am closer in age to the actor that plays Charlie in the movie than to the chiseled, glossy, beautifully toned teens. Yikes!

  2. Lex

    If you’ve got issues, then so do I! Cullen/Black why choose?

  3. I have GOT to get this book. It’s all I hear about; it MUST be awesome!

  4. Son’s got the crud too, we got the breathing treatments and steriods yesterday. Sigh. I feel you. It’s that time of the year.

    You (and everyone else everywhere) are gonna make me give to the force of these books, aren’t you? I’ve been avoiding them for SO.LONG!

    If I can stay away from them until November 21st, I won’t have to read them. Because if the movie’s already out, I don’t read the books. I don’t watch the movies, either, mind you. That’s just how my mind works. Holding out for another week!

  5. holy hot vampire, mommypie!

    and you’re totally not pathetic. i read Anne Rice when i was a teenager. perhaps i should start reading teenager vampire books in my 30s. heh.

  6. My daughter cannot put this series down. She’s red the books sooooo many times.

    We are going to watch the movie together … Sadly, I only have time for people magazines not books. : )

  7. I’ve been toying with the idea of this book for the longest time, but have stayed away because of the whole “teen” thing. It’s sounding less optional. 🙂

  8. I already have tickets to go see him and his vampire sexiness!!!
    signed Dawn Who Is Totally Rockin Her Inner Teen! 🙂

  9. I finished the entire series on a week. I am right there with you.

  10. Mommy Pie is not the only one who would bite that. I’m going to see the movie, by myself, with no husband to detract me from the hotness.

  11. I have not partaken of this particular Kool Aid. If I happen to find one of the books at the used book store I’ll take it as a sign that I need to read it. But I devoured Harry Potter so I don’t think you’re strange at all.

  12. It totally is a mommy thing. i loved the first one, but not the others so much. The movie..am ready. My hubby is totally down with seeing it, he’s all? What IS all the hubbub about!

  13. I love the series and actually picked up Twilight for myself on Mother’s Day. I had never heard of the series it just looked interesting. Now I am Twilight mom and extol the virtues of all that is Twilight. Glad to hear you got sucked in too!

  14. What a relief it is to know you ALL are just as sick in the head as I am. Seriously.

  15. Don’t feel bad. I think its become general knowledge that the Twilight series has infected a generation of teenagers…and their moms. I think I’ve seen that printed at least twice so far. Are you ready to re-live your Titanic days? 😛 I am.

  16. Carolyn Sharkas

    I just wish they would quit saying these books are for teens. Yes, I guess they were meant for teens, but I have thoroughly enjoyed them and I am waaaayyyy older than a teen, lol

  17. OMG! Jacob is part of the werewolves?!?!? I love that I got a bit of a spoiler here!!!!!!!!!! I just finished Twilight and stupid me did not listen to everyone who said: BUY THE SERIES.

    I’m headed to Target. ASAP.

  18. I know, I know, I know. I LOVED the movie: seeing him on the big screen is almost unbearable. Finished book 2, started book 3. What is wrong with us? I saw somewhere that he”s going to be on Tyra and she asks him to bite her neck and he does it. (swoon)

  19. New to your blog, and I really enjoyed stopping here…looking forward to keeping up with you!


    Also, have you registered for today’s Mommy Bling giveaway at Halftime Lessons.com?

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