Caption this, Baby.

My Nephew Greyson.

He may LOOK content, but I think he’s silently screaming for a caption.



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16 responses to “Caption this, Baby.

  1. I don’t know how many more hints I can drop at my mom… but I really, really, REALLY want to go to that Slayer concert on Saturday!

  2. HA! When I put this up, my brother (Greyson’s dad) bet me there would be at least ONE Slayer comment. WHA?!? You guys are freakin’ me out with your crazy mind reading …

  3. Nappy

    “Not a bad hold-over, but these fingers just aren’t cutting it. I’m getting hungry – what’s for Lunch?”

    Since he’s a guy, he’s probably just wondering what that other milk dispenser tastes like.

    ….some things never change 🙂

  4. Hook ’em horns!

    (I’m a UT alum, can’t let that one go)

  5. another co-worker

    “Grayson ROCKS!!!” or “I heart AC/DC”.

  6. He is SOSO CUTE!!

    “Rock on Auntie MP! But first lets take a nap…”

  7. “Damn, there’s got to be a way to pick my nose and suck my fingers simultaneously. I almost had it!”

  8. Gangs. Not just for toddlers anymore.

  9. I have been sucking on these things all day…and I still can’t get any milk out of them.

  10. “Rock ‘n Roll Forever!”

    (he’s freaking adorable, btw!)

    @Wendi, lol!

  11. I’m also in Austin, TX…so gotta go with Hook ‘Em Horns!!

  12. “Rock! (a bye baby)”


    “No one seems to understand my inner need to rock the night away.”


    “Someday. I will rock it like that band AB/CD.”

  13. I didn’t think Slayer, for some reason Ozzie came to mind.

  14. “Suck it Horns”

    I am not UT alum 🙂

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