Things I’m diggin’ this week.

Honey butter.


Grammy turned me on to this one. If you’re ambitious, it’s AMAZING whipped together with an electric mixer. If you’re like me, however, and not quite so inclined to break out the kitchen gadgetry, (Please. Who am I kidding? I don’t even OWN a mixer.) a small bowl and spoon works just fine. And if you’re really in a hurry, spreading one over the other directly on your bagel works too. I’m tellin’ you … HEAVEN.

Cookie magazine.


Not only is the design gorgeous, just about everything in it is RELEVANT and HIP and YUMMY. It’s name is perfect. If I could, I would eat it. Here’s an excerpt from the November 2008 issue:

Play Doh: so moldable, so lovable, so frickin’ messy.

Um, yeah, a mainstream magazine who’s writers actually write the way people talk? Frickin’ GENIUS.

Post Secret’s latest book (well, a year ago).


After loving the Post Secret site forever, I finally bought one of the actual books. Flipping through its pages makes me feel like a kid again, lying on the family room floor, engrossed in The Art of The Renaissance. (The Parentals had some amazing books.) Any of the PS Books would make AWESOME holiday gifts, in my humble opinion. I realize, most of you’ve heard of the site, but for those who haven’t, go check it out. Seriously. Way cool.

And speaking of holiday gift giving …


Holy Freakin’ Hell. I just found this new blog today and I’m in love. Squirrel Feet Earrings and Vagina Wallets. Need I say more?

Obama’s Flickr Photostream.


Man, this guy GETS it. A President-elect with a Flickr account? Politics have finally moved into the 21st Century, Doogs. I LOVE the behind-the-scenes photos of election night. This one’s a leetle weird though. Is it just me, or does the O-Man look like he’s about 12 from this angle? The hell? Tell me it’s not the wine.

And now, the Piece de Resistance:

Every time I watch this, I pee a little.


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18 responses to “Things I’m diggin’ this week.

  1., that video is awesome. What is the most awesome, though, is the newscasters cracking up. I die. Seriously – I die. Love it.

  2. If I had fallen in front of a bunch of people, I would cry. Which makes me hate myself a little bit for giggling at that video. I blame the news guys for having a contagious laugh.

  3. I must have an evil streak, because, unless they’re seriously hurt, falling people always make me laugh. Seriously. I howl at this one, even days later.

    But yeah, if that were me, I’d die.

  4. Their laughs are contagious. Look at her ankles…I think mine would have broke.

  5. Elizabeth/Wendy — It’s TOTALLY the newscasters that puts me over the edge!

  6. jim vance is a local DC guy. he’s normally so straight-laced, so to see him crack the f up like he does here is PRICELESS. priceless, i tell ya!

    also? barack totally looks like mini me. WEIRD. (no, not the wine. i’m sober now, believe it or not.)

  7. Which one is Jim Vance? And so glad I’m not the only one who sees how weird that photo is.

  8. I like your junk drawer post.
    ~honey + butter = pure evil
    ~cookie magazine is adorable. I pick it up and my youngest is 12.
    ~ Post Secret is great voyeurism. You should also check out Georgie’s blog confessional, here –
    ~I heard Obama’s flick-r account mentioned. Way cool. How long before someone hacks into it and photoshops something stupid? I am such a cynic.
    ~ I couldn’t load craftastic but I will get back to the vagina wallet.
    ~Thank you for linking Doogs. That explains soo much. I need all the blog help I can get.
    ~How did you come up with Mommy Pie? your header so cool. did you design it yourself?
    Have a good weekend!

  9. I meant craftastrophe, of course.

  10. Thanks LM!

    Mommy Pie is a name my daughter came up with — that’s what she calls me. As for the header, yeah, I did it myself, but I’m thinkin’ it’s about time for a change …

  11. I love the video of the ankles wobbling to and fro before finally buckling. I just don’t think high heels are a good idea. Period.

    BTW, I am in love with Cookie mag too. It’s one of my favourite things.


  12. I own both PostSecret books and lov-ah da Cookie. You. Me. In. Sync.

  13. Rick's Cafe

    Honey & butter – really good.
    Warm honey & butter…..hmmmmm!

    The vid kind of looks like me ice skating. Must be cause I look so good in pink?! (HA)

  14. Beth — High heels suck. Period.

    Beej — Was there any doubt?

    Rick’s Cafe — Okay, THAT is a visual.

  15. 3limes

    The video was hilarious, the list was great but my fave is the secret postcard book and blog. I had heard about this but didn’t know where to find it so, thanks. I love checking in with you!
    And ummmm I love honey and butter too.

  16. I get a kick out of people falling too. My husband thinks I’m evil. I subscribe to Cookie. Love it! Even though much of the fashion is totally out of my budget.

  17. The slow motion teetering before she falls is priceless. I watched this over and over again.

  18. Freakin hilarious! OMG. Thank you thank you for sharing that priceless bit of TV.

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