This just in.


Elmo’s a perv.

P.S. Thanks QB for makin’ my day.


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17 responses to “Newsflash!

  1. He really is. I’m glad you warned us.

  2. I always had a suspicious feeling about that little red furry fellow. It’s a good thing you “exposed” him.

  3. I always knew there was something wrong with that little red freak.

  4. Oh No…the baby has just started liking that little perv!

  5. F also stands for other things, Elmo. Want to fess up?

  6. Whoa! Ease up on the haterade sister… that “perv” potty trained my children. Checks in the mail PBS. 😉

  7. I sort of suspected this all along. I make it a habit to never trust small furry things that talk in the third person. This rule saved my from having to go to prom with the hairy Jones boy from down the street back in the day.

    Sesame Street on the wild side.

  9. Really, the perv is Bert. I once saw an episode where Bert took his shirt off and got into bed with several other muppets for a “nap.” It was weird.

  10. I have always known this. I cannot overstate how much I despise that little red demon. My feelings about this are well documented.

  11. P.S. Miss Blissfully caf up there obviously does NOT watch enough Sesame Street. Bert has been victimized for years by Ernie.

  12. ROFL this post and the comments have me laughing my butt off in tears!

  13. Well, that’s how it starts. Ernie victimizes Bert, then Bert starts taking “naps” with various no-named muppets.

  14. As usual, the comments totally trump the post. You all are freakin’ HIIILARIOUS.

  15. I just hate him ’cause Katie Couric likes him.

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