I met a politician I liked and forgot to ask about aliens.

I’ve pretty much made it a goal to get a photo with any famous/semi-famous person who’s path I cross. Which is nothin’ but stupid, because most don’t impress me. I totally blame the blog.

It started a few months ago with Ted Turner. Then, last week, just in time for the election, Senator Max Baucus was in our office. At first, I was like … “Meh. Not like he’s THE ONE or anything.”

I watched as local news stations interviewed him. Cringed is more accurate. Our state has THE cheesiest news broadcasts EVER. Good God, People, you’re interviewing a United States Senator. The CHAIRMAN OF THE SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE. Can you at least give the guy a decent mic?!?



And as I listened to him speak, I began to see why the guy is SO respected round these parts. I think he’s probably a pretty decent man. Plus, after 30 years and plenty of experience in agriculture and rural revitalization, imagine the top secret X-Filesy info floating around that noggin.


As the interviews continued, I walked back to my office and Googled him. Not only is he the 10th longest-serving current senator, he has a son named ZENO. Which gives him instant AWESOME points in my book.

In light of this new information, and seeing as there was a good chance this might be the only senator I ever met, I decided I probably should do my best to meet the man. I walked back down the hall and introduced myself.

Best. Handshake. EVER.

Firm, warm, dry. I didn’t even rush to wash with anti-bacterial soap, like I normally would. (Doogs, that’s BIG.) I DID rush out to the lobby to hand QB the camera.

ME: Dude. When he comes out, can you get a picture with me in the background?

QB: What? No.

ME: C’mooon. Pleeease?

QB: No! Just Photoshop yourself into one of the photos you already got.

ME: Dude …

QB: Just ASK him.

ME: I don’t wanna.

Rather than listen to me whine anymore, QB asked for me.


And I’m officially a Groupie.



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28 responses to “I met a politician I liked and forgot to ask about aliens.

  1. I once read the measure of our success is how many uncomfortable conversations we’re willing to have. Which means you have to ASK a question.

    Big points for your camera audacity. He could take his stiffness down a few notches, yeah?

    Loved the post.

  2. Finn

    You are so cool. Have you done the six degrees of separation exercise? You probably touched the hand of a hand of a hand of a hand of say. . . . . . Winston Churchill or something like that.

    Does refreshing MSNBC every five minutes make the results come in any faster? Off to vote.

  3. You make me want to be better, and by better I mean quirkier, because it looks like fun.

  4. Thanks PAPA — Love that!

    Finn — Or Bono. ‘Cause … that’s kind of the same, right?

    KD — Yeah, I think you already qualify. 🙂

  5. First, I love the fact that you love the name Zeno. Because, my friend, that name is hard to love. That’s a “we’ve guaranteed you’re going to be tough, son, by giving you a name that will get your ass kicked at recess” name.

    Second, I love the fact that KD has decided better and quirkier are the same thing. Because hello, how can quirky be anything BUT awesome? Answer: It can’t. Quirky and awesome are totally the same thing.

  6. I guess it’s not something I’D name MY kid, but the fact that a politician did it? It’s something I’d expect from a rock star, maybe, but a senator? AWESOME.

  7. You want to talk groupie? Today I’m Photoshopping him out and putting me in!

  8. another co-worker

    He’s got a really big head.

  9. 🙂 Tee Hee Hee, you kill me MP.

    Is that microphone a chocolate marshmallow?

  10. Jim — Schweet. My very own GROUPIE!

    ACW — Um, yeah.

    Threeboysonemommy — Dude. It might as well have been. I’m tellin’ you, CHEESE.

  11. Wow, you have REALLY great hair. I’d totally get that cut if I was guaranteed it’d look like that all the time.

  12. 3limes

    first, good for you for getting what you want and second you look great! Funny story..

  13. you have a set on you, that’s for sure. or, maybe QB has a set…?

    also? your hair is awesome. my hair is “fine.” i hate that term! the other day, i told a female coworker with thick hair that i used to gets perms when i was in middle school. she said, “hmh, that’s funny, your hair is so fine, i wouldn’t think it could hold a perm.” i wanted to kill her.

  14. That looks horribly awkward. What, the dude couldn’t move to his left a little and put his arm around you? Come on! You should Photoshop that so you’re licking his face or something.

    P.S. That is the saddest microphone I ever saw.

  15. Beej — I know. I think I scared him.

  16. He has a son named Zeno? Is he a scientologist?

    Upside? Great pic! You are gorgeous wrapped in beautiful.

    Maybe I should post that picture of me standing next to Randy Jackson. I’ll have to think of a way to work it in the blog soon.

  17. Mamasphere, 3limes, MOFM and blissfully caffeinated — aw, shucks, thanks guys :). Seriously, though, this photo is an anomaly — my hair is REALLY not that great. Doesn’t look like it, but it’s super fine.

    Oh, and blissfully caffeinated – you HAVE to post the Randy Jackson photo!! I’m going to harass you until you do.

  18. This just made me smile huge.
    So cool that you did this…..

    And that picture? NICE hand fold. You look very…casual. That was what you were going for right??


  19. Exactly. 😉

    Now I just have to work on my HORRIBLE posture.

  20. Just realized why the name Zeno sounds familiar.

  21. That’s totally something I’d buy at 2:30 in the morning.

  22. That is too funny! Kinda reminds me of Kathy Griffin — didn’t she try and do that too? Take a photo with every celeb she met!?

  23. Times are tough, you know. I’m sure all the good mics were used for the election. This makes me giggle. I’ve never thought of stalking a politician. I think I just might. You look very composed, very natural in the photo. Too bad you never found out about the cattle thing. Poo.

  24. Karen — Ha! SHE, however, probably has a photo album full of REAL celebs. Me, on the other hand …

    SB — Apparently, I have Father Figure issues.

  25. and you can almost see me in this picture! MUAHAHAHA. At least we know we’re only 2 degrees away from the President…or Bono. Either one. You make me giggle.

  26. I’m with Papa, he looks a little stiff. But you, you look mahvelous! Do you have a job in front of the camera?

    I love QB’s answer. Just photoshop it! Haha!

  27. Put this on your mantel, or framed in your office. It will confuse the heck outta people. : )

  28. I have met some truly loathsome politicians including, but not limited to, Newt Gingrich and Frist. *shudder*

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