Bad manners and inappropriate behavior involving creepy PBS characters.

So, the other night I was CLEARLY way too high on Halloween candy. I signed up to participate in NaBloPoMo. Which, I’ve always thought sounded weirdly dirty. Like oral sex and Teletubbies.

Truthfully, I never DID know what it stood for until I came across it Friday night. For those of you equally confused, it stands for National Blog Posting Month, and it means I’ve made a commitment to posting EVERY DAY this month.

Told ya. Crack Smoker.

So I get this little badge, and a listing on the NaBloPoMo site, with like, 10,000 other bloggers. Which is good, because now that the Blogger’s Choice Award Winners have been named, and I was NOWHERE CLOSE to winning, I should probably take down those three sad little black buttons right up there. —–>


At least I’ll have my new badge to put up in their place.

And speaking of awards, I’m way overdue in thanking some of you for bestowing some awesome ones upon me. (Wow. Could that sentence be any more awkward?) So overdue, in fact, it’s downright embarrassing. All these bloggers are fantastic — if you’re not already reading them, you gotta check ’em out.

Most recently, Jen at Steenky Bee gave me this:

And Mommy the Robot gave me this:

Morningside Mom gave me this:

Right around the same time, Mamasphere and Ms. Tootsie Farklepants at Vintage Thirty gave me this:

Shit. This is getting embarrasing. Bad, bad, manners, Mommypie.

Then, there was this from Ilina at Dirt and Noise, Toots at Vintage Thirty, Flickrlovr at I’d Blog That, and Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy:

I’m an ass.

Okay, now we’re going back quite a few months. *she says, shrinking into the couch*

Auds at Barking Mad gave me this:

She also gave me this, along with the Monkey Toe Momma herself, Donna Reed in Blue Jeans around the same time:

I think that’s it. I know. I totally suck. I have a sick feeling I’ve forgotten someone — if I did, let me know. I’ll give you my address so you can come over and personally bitchslap me.

As part of the deal, I’m supposed to pass these babies on to some of my favorite bloggers. Tonight, however, because I can’t take the crushing guilt, I just wanted to make sure to acknowledge all the awesome bloggers who thought enough of me to give me some bling. I love you ALL! MWAH!

And at some point, I WILL get these up on my sidebar. Check back in six months. This month I’ll be tied up giving Teletubbies BJs.

Or something like that.


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17 responses to “Bad manners and inappropriate behavior involving creepy PBS characters.

  1. lol, i love how much you suck. at least you’ve acknowledged them. what do you wanna bet that the bloggers who gave you these awards probably knew that you’d acknowledge the award EVENTUALLY…


  2. In a fit of insanity I signed up too! That’s a LOT of awards. Well deserved.

  3. No Nablopomo for me. The crap level of my content would shoot sky high- I can barely post every other day. Hmmm, actually, filler posts full of crap might be kind of funny…

    Did you wrap those two awards with a border yourself, or did you get them that way? I might steal them and replace the non-bordered pics that I currently have up.

  4. Oh, crap, I in no way meant to imply that YOUR posts would be full of crap. Just mine.

  5. Can’t wait to read 30 days of Mommy Pie!

    Well deserved awards.

    P.S. I know you closed comments but your last post was beautiful, and I sat here crying all over my keyboard.

  6. MOFM — Hopefully you’re right — everyone should know what a HUGE procrastinator I am by now …

    Laurin — Yay! Another fellow crazy person! I’ll be over with the crack pipe.

    Mamasphere — Ha! I totally didn’t think you meant my posts would be full of crap. HOWEVER, there’s a great possibility that they WILL be — watch for lots of cop-out YouTube posts. Oh, and btw, the awards are just as they came — feel free to steal ’em all!

    blissfully caffeinated — Thanks Doog. 🙂

  7. NaBloPoMo? Is that related to NAMBLA?


  8. SEE?!? I KNEW I wasn’t the only one. So glad I can always count on you to one-up me with the perviness, Beej.


  9. Cat

    Best of luck in November. Personally, my joining NaBloPoMo has me throwing up in my mouth a little. With nerves, not disgust.

  10. Awards and sugar highs. Nothing can be better. Congrats on all your awards, sista! I’ve missed ya!

  11. Ooh congrats on all the awards. Your mantel runneth over. They are all well deserved!

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  13. *lol* I never realized you never said anything about that award…from MONTHS ago. Equally embarrassing, some wonderful folks have gifted me with some of the same awards and I feel so bad about never acknowledging them.

    Congrats on ALL the awards and the nominations too!!! You’re very deserving of every single one…even if you have decided to join the rest of us cheeky nutters in this NaBloPoMo thing. Oiy! Just writing the abbreviation out is a challenge…let alone posting every single day this month.

  14. I have trouble typing NaBloPoMo, let alone actually do it! Congrats and good luck!

  15. Good for you Miss MommyPie with the awards!

    On a matter of some sensitivity, we are slightly disturbed by the fact that no matter how many times we have attempted to say “NaBloPoMo” it simply sounds bad. Naughty.

    Downright nasty.



  16. All this time I was wondering who PoMo was and why he rated.

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