Sending all my love to you.

Today we baked cupcakes. MP chose strawberry frosting and rainbow sprinkles and decorated one especially for you. Tonight it sits on the counter, untouched.

She wore an oversized party hat with silver tinsel sprouting from the top. The present she made — the picture she drew — had you looking down on us from Heaven.

And I know you are.

You died two years ago Tuesday — four days before your birthday. Today you would’ve been 52 and still, I have moments of utter disbelief that you’re gone.

So as is tradition, tonight we tied tiny trinkets and notes to balloons and sent them into the starry sky. We sang Happy Birthday. We told you we loved you and missed you terribly. And MP was so happy to share the day — your day — with her Dad.

Happy birthday Mudge. I miss you.


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