Drill Diva’s Holiday Decorating Tip #31

Grammy says she likes Shabby Chic.

In this case, Redneck Decorating Tips may be more accurate.

Either way, I think she’s on to something.

Eat your heart out, Martha.


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23 responses to “Drill Diva’s Holiday Decorating Tip #31

  1. the best part…it looks like she didn’t have to clean the pumpkin out!

  2. Now THAT’S a jack o’lantern!

  3. Oh, dear. I hope Honey doesn’t see that.

  4. Why is it that you put a drill in your hands and it feels so good? You just don’t want to stop.

    If I could change the oil in my car with a drill I would.

  5. laurakim123

    Go Grammy!!! That looks totally cool!

  6. Now, why didn’t I think of that?

    Martha’s not the only one eating her heart out.

  7. Grammy is a woman after my own heart! The drill works AWESOME!

  8. Yes! Love it. The eyebrows are my favorite part.

    I’m desperate to try a drill on our Jack O’ Lanterns. Grammy has inspired me to go for it next year.

  9. another co-worker

    Did BoBo carve a big piece of poo into his pumpkin?

  10. I never thought to use a POWER TOOL! My whole outlook on pumpkin carving just did a 180.

  11. Omg, now I want to crack out the jig saw!!

  12. Wow and I thought I was hardcore, going at our pumpkin with a sheetrock/drywall knife. That is WAY less goopy on your hands!

  13. Way, cool! Love the scalloped effect!

  14. Brilliant! Love that Grammy…

  15. I love the drill idea. The only way to carve!!

  16. I SO need a power drill!

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