I am.

I am from 70s Suburbia and swimming pools.

I am from tinkly drinks on the rocks and smoke-filled parental cocktail parties.

I am from a green station wagon named Lucy and the soothing sound of her wipers against torrential rains.

I am from all-day kickball with the boys and cardboard sliding in the hills.

I am from fake vomit and whoopie cushions and other covet-worthy items advertised in the back of comics.

I am from skateboards and scabs on the knees.

I am from thick morning fog and Santas in surf shorts.

I am from miles of walking. Years of searching.

I am from treeforts and buckeyes and drinking from the garden hose.

I am from gawkiness and glasses and adolescent angst.

I am from change and reinvention.

I am from bonfires and bears. From bartenders and beer.

I am from artists.

I am from haunted houses. From haunted lives.

I am from great love. And great loss.

I am from strength and resilience, and ultimately blind faith.

I am from never give up.


This is my very first contribution to San Diego Momma’s PROMPTuesday. She’s such an amazing writer, that, truthfully (and she knows this) I’ve been a bit intimidated to participate until now.

This week’s rules, in her words, are as follows: This week, tell us who you are, what makes you, where you’re from. Share your memory fragments, those visions in your head, those figments that make you, you. What bits and pieces formed your whole? Are you whole?

Thanks SDM.


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16 responses to “I am.

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm buckeyes……..

  2. I see why we are so twinned.

    Now, after reading this, I am missing “what could have been” with the other PROMPTs. Don’t hide this stuff from me, dammit!

    Let it shine!

    It was awesome. 🙂 I especially love the “Miles of walking. Years of searching.”

    Writerly goodness.

  3. You should *not* have been intimidated. This is great.

  4. Jeebus. You are such a good writer. You need to let it out for a breather once in a while.

    Thanks, Miss Pie.

  5. Oh, crap, that sounded like I don’t like the stuff you do all the time — which I DO, I definitely do! But this is more contemplative. You know what I meant, right? I’m not persona non grata around the Pie Shop, I hope?

    Shoot. Shot myself in the foot again. At least that foot was already out of the mouth.

  6. I’m from artists too. Well, one artist and one raging feminist. 🙂 Love it.

  7. Ours was a blue station wagon named Betsy. But yeah, I know what you mean…

  8. Ha! That’s my mom’s name :).

  9. Wow, this is gorgeous. Truly. I am inspired — and now intimidated myself — to think about doing this one too.

  10. No… I guess I’m not whole. Not as whole as MP, apparently. I enjoyed that, thanks MP and San Diego Momma.

  11. I am…hypnotized.

    great writing…your artistic side inspires me greatly.

  12. Everyone — thank you SO MUCH. You seriously made my night. And Foolery, no worries. Foot eater.


  13. That was wonderful. We have a place or two in common, I think.

  14. g

    I love this prompt. It is truly a “getting to know you” revelation, in such a lyrical and evocative way.

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