Best Electric Boogaloo gets my vote.

If you’re still undecided about the election, go to YouTube and search for “Barack Dancing.” Then, ask yourself the very important question: Who would you rather see dancing at the Inaugural Ball?

Michelle and Barack? Or Cindy and John?

The answer seems clear until you remember Wildcard Couple Sarah and Todd. And SP’s “Roof is on Fire” moves and Dance Face showcased on SNL last week. If the Republicans lose Nov. 4, I SO want to see her on next season’s Dancing with the Stars.

Pulling THESE dance moves:

Or maybe THESE.



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5 responses to “Best Electric Boogaloo gets my vote.

  1. Rick's Cafe

    Sure would save a lot of campaign money if the election were decided by a dance off.

    On the other hand, a dance off would eliminate a lot of economic stimulus that’s been going on for the last several months.

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  3. I love the idea of a dance off. It would save so much time and money. As for the economic stimulus, it they ran it as a three-week prime-time gig with audience votes and competitions in three different styles, I bet we could generate some money, not to mention all the campaign contributions that could simply go straight into funding education, for example. Just imagine if every dollar spent on campaigning was actually used towards some good social program…

    Plus, who wouldn’t want to see John McCain tango?

  4. The thought of John McCain doing *any* kind of dancing kind of frightens me! It would be too much like watching Uncle Fester and/or Lurch trying to dance.

  5. I’m just ready for it all to be over. Dance off, pie eating contest or they can whip out their you know what’s to be measured. Let’s just vote already!

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