Baby got back.

Yesterday, I spent all day working a conference my company sponsors. At one point, I was standing near this guy with the coolest baby carrier I’d seen.

ME: That is SO COOL! I LOVE it!

BACKPACK DUDE: Thanks. It’s totally organic. (That he says this with a Scandinavian accent makes it even more organic-y.)

ME: Where did you get it?

BD: My wife and I made it.

ME: What? You MADE it?!?

BD: Yep.

ME: Where can I get one?

BD: A baby??


UPDATE: Thanks to Commenter Heather, I now know that the backpack is made by Ergo. I totally didn’t realize how bad the angle of the photo was until you guys started commenting – ha! I promise, it really WAS pretty cool. And non-suffocating.



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25 responses to “Baby got back.

  1. I’m probably misunderstanding something here, but isn’t smothering your baby organically just as bad as using synthetic material….?

  2. Luuucy, You got some splainin’ to do.

  3. It does look interesting. But why is the baby’s head encased? Was it a newborn?

  4. That is really cool. And a pocket for extra stuff. But can that baby, um, breathe?

  5. I guess from this angle it DOES look like a smothered buritto — the baby was sleeping, so it held his head, but totally gave enough room to breathe. When he woke up, that top flap came down. The only thing *I’d* be afraid of is having someone run into me — at first glance I didn’t even see there was a baby in there — just looked like a guy wearing a backpack …

  6. Rick's Cafe

    Boy, I’d sure like to know how to win friends and influence people too!

  7. I’m confused. (Nothing new there!) If it’s cool enough to cover the baby’s head, why are his little feet bare?

  8. Yeah, I was completely confused, too. Guess you had to see it in person.

    If I was a baby, I wouldn’t want to be all sniffing my dad’s sweaty back. Whether he was Scandinavian or not.

  9. Laughing at Waltz in Exile! I was wondering how the poor little thing was breathing.

  10. I use my arms to carry my baby, they’re organic… oh who am I kidding I’m all roided up, but I do make a point of never smothering him.

  11. It looks like one of the Ergobaby carriers that all the baby wearers are using (totally in style right now). I was asked to put a link on my blog. Maybe now I will.

  12. I thought it was smothering the baby too. I was waiting for the punchline.

  13. He he he. This picture kinda reminds me of when my dad used to bungee cord me to his back while driving me to kindergarten on his motorcycle. TOTALLY ORGANIC 😛

  14. I believe you can get those babies at Target. Just be careful, because they’re kind of like barbie. Once you get one, you’ll be buying accessories for the rest of your life.

  15. littlemansmom

    Bwaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa… guys crack me up!

  16. Glad you explained about the non-smothering thing…’cause for a minute there I was right up there wondering the same thing as Mrs. Waltz.

    Gotta love those smartass Scandanavians!

  17. Funny thing is, I heard you walking into that one and I just rode it out.

  18. I think I still prefer the sling. I really don’t want a baby on my back doing God only knows what. But, he could have been a little nicer.

  19. I’m glad you explained the head smothering thing . . . as for his smart a$$ comment . . . nice. I’ll bet he thought he was being HILARIOUS.

  20. I have to ask. Why is the baby’s head covered up like that? Is it so he/she can sleep without it flopping around?

  21. It is an ergo baby carrier. We love ours. I think it’s the official baby carrier of farmers market attending mommies in Portland. Baby on front or back and that’s a sleeping/sun shade thingy that snaps up or off to be out of the way. It works well on our organically made 5 month old!

  22. Thanks Heather! Now that I know who makes them I’m gonna put a link in the post.

    It’s just a really bad angle, Doogs, trust me. The babe looked totally peaceful with no smothering going on!

  23. So that baby is definitely not being suffocated? That’s a relief.

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