Howling at the moon and other country activities.

It happened last year and it’s happening again. A week before Halloween and MP’s waffling. Just a few weeks ago she was PSYCHED to be Bat Girl. Her costume is seriously kick ass.

And suddenly, now she wants to be a werewolf.

I have no idea who or what is responsible for planting this thought. Who knows what crazy randomness lurks in the mind of a 4 1/2 year old? I suspect MP’s brain looks something like a Froot Loop strewn McDonald’s PlayLand. With toy catalogs and lots of Chapstick and Spongebob serving ice cream. Surprisingly, it appears to be a place where mythical hairy monsters aren’t so scary afterall. Mean foxes and dinosaurs on the other hand … THOSE are the things nightmares are made of.

(At least lately.)

So, the whole werewolf thing has spurred kind of a crazy routine.

(At least lately.)

We howl at the moon.

We don’t just stick our heads out the door and give a couple ‘owwws.’ We go out on the lawn, get down on all fours, throw our heads back and HOWL Baby.

I can’t take credit for THIS particular crazy idea. This one’s all MP’s. A few nights this week, I’ve put her to bed without howling, only to have her tiptoe out to the livingroom in her footie PJs.

“Mommy, we forgot to howl at the moon.”

So we bundle up in our coats and winter hats (yes, we have SNOW) and run out to the yard. And as off-the-wall as it sounds, I think it’s actually empowered her a bit, and made her a little less fearful of the night.

Living in the country has its advantages.

We just don’t do it on Fridays. That’s when the ‘neighbors’ get naked and climb into their teepee sweatlodge. This is also a new development. I’m SO not kidding.

At any rate, I’m still pushin’ Bat Girl. As much as I love the whole wolf vibe, I have NO idea how to make a werewolf costume.


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16 responses to “Howling at the moon and other country activities.

  1. Rick's Cafe

    Does anyone howl back?

    Too funny and what a great way to remove fears of being outside in the dark.

  2. A) Consider yourself contractually obligated to explore (in writing, on this blog) the neighbors’ activities. Your (adoring) public wants more. Also, pictures.
    2) Crap. Totally forgot about costumes. Hmmmm. Should probably get my shop on.

  3. Proof you are a better mom than I. I think I would have rolled my eyes and ignored her.

    Of course, if she keeps doing it when she’s away at college, she’s going to get some odd looks. Just saying.

    And I want to hear about the neighbors too.

  4. So many hysterical visuals with this post!

    Hey try to sell the bat costume or give away. Then you won’t have the guilt of it not going to use. And a werewolf costume? Fake fur stuff from the fabric store and a glue gun. Voila!!!!

  5. Cat

    That brought back memories! My aunt and uncle used to have a wolf named Raven, and we would howl just to get her to howl. Pretty soon, two kids, one adult, one wolf and one dog would all be making an awful racket, and the two cats would be making a mad dash under the nearest furniture. Ok, that’s not true. The cats just rolled their eyes at us.

  6. T

    Wow. I love this. What fun to howl at the moon!

  7. I tried howling at the moon in the burbs once… I think it might of been a glowing Starbucks sign and not the moon but it was still empowering.

    MP is my hero.

  8. That’s okay, we howl at the moon, bah at the sheep, nay at the horses, and crow at the rooster. Only occasionally do they answer back.

    My girls ALWAYS waffle on costumes, especially after I’ve already bought them.

    Also, I love the pic of MP on the moon – too cute! Looking forward of reading about your nudie neighbors.:)

  9. I, myself, am having a who I want to be for ‘alloween crisis. Is it tooth fairy or Abby Caddabby from Sesame Street…just can’t decide!

  10. andij1967

    We’re dealing with the same thing here. I thought Lauren wanted to be a cheerleader… at my suggestion, because we have an $85 cheer costume that she has worn to ONE (count ’em) ONE recital before they chose a new costume. But now, a week before Halloween, she announced she wanted to be Bat Girl. Hey, maybe I should buy MP’s old costume from you!!

  11. I’m hoping she doesn’t want to wear one of those cheap, suffocating masks that smell like a combination of barbie hair and meth lab? I’m thinking you need major face paint? Maybe a lion costume you could wreak havoc on with a pair of scissors?

  12. i bought my 4 1/2 yr old’s captain america costume weeks ago. and, damnit it if he wants to be something else. you know how my husband is about spending $!

  13. The picture with MP’s head? LOVE it! And I think Fridays should be the one night of the week that you make SURE you howl. How funny would that be?!

  14. Having kids is awesome. It allows you to participate in activities that would be otherwise socially unacceptable.

    (Except probably in your neighborhood.)

  15. Two years ago we ended up with a spare Uniqua costume due to the Halloween waffle. So I feel your pain. But Batgirl just sounds so awesome.

    And – I agree with Waltz in Exile. Wanna hear more about this “sweat lodge.”

    Also, I love your description of the inside of MP’s head. As a fellow mother of a 4-year-old, I imagine that your vision is pretty accurate.

    Aaaaaa ooooooohhhhh!

  16. No time to read all the comments (I’ll be back) but I wanted you to see this link (it’s Timothy Treadwell from the documentary “Grizzly Man” with his fox friend):

    It’s to show MP for her fear of foxes. After a couple of viewings she may be cured! but be very careful: while this video is completely innocent and lovely, related ones should be checked first for language.

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