Dreamjob? Ghost Hunter.

In the spirit of the season, I told a real life ghost story over at San Diego Momma’s while she’s away in New York. I’m a little late letting you know, but I reeallly don’t want to be a big fat BOMB on my Blog Buddy’s site, so I’m directing you there.

Buuaaahhhaaahahaha …


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9 responses to “Dreamjob? Ghost Hunter.

  1. wow, i had no idea it was your dream job…

    did you watch last night?

  2. I would totally LOVE to be a TAPS Chick if it paid anything, and if I could be guaranteed no bad ju-ju followed me home.

    My Wednesday nights are dedicated to GH. And Mondays to Paranormal State. DORK ON!

  3. I LOVED that story, Miss Pie. If I didn’t know you, I’d — wait, I DON’T know you, really — think the whole thing was made up by a superior intellect with great writing skills. But I believe you.

    Which doesn’t, of course diminish your superior intellect OR your writing skills.

    May I slink off now?

  4. The bald guy looks like “Joe the Plumber” from the debates. “Joe the Plumber” would make an awesome serial killer handle. Serial Killer Handle would make an awesome band name. Awesome Band Name would make an ironic statement as a middle-of-the-road band name.

  5. Foolery — Aw, thanks Ms. Lagmore. Right back ‘atcha ma dear.

    steenky bee — I like how you think. Personally, I think Steenky Bee would make an awesome band name.

  6. True story: I totally have a crush on Grant from Ghost Hunters.

  7. Jenny, I totally have a crush on YOU. 😉

  8. ohhh i love me some Grant & Jay


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