I knew this day would come.

Sunday morning, MP let me sleep in a little bit while she watched cartoons. When I woke up and emerged from the bedroom, she was shuffling around with the kitchen broom.

I asked her what she was doing and she mumbled something about sweeping up the bathroom. Not sure what she was talking about, I peeked my head in the doorway.

And saw this.

Mounds and mounds of hair.

And when I looked closely, I saw the damage. All in all, I have to say, she did a pretty good job perfecting the Crack Shag. She was SO proud, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Mommy, I did it just the way the Hair Cutter Lady does it! I squirted with this (Johnson’s No More Tangles), just like the lady, then combed it and cut it! Just the way I’m supposed to!”

So last night we made a visit to the Hair Cutter Lady for a little damage control. MP now has a bob.

Which is actually pretty cute.

We have agreed that from now on however, do-it-yourselfers are off limits.


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33 responses to “I knew this day would come.

  1. Priceless. Looks like she kept it fairly even all around! What a Cutie Pie;)

  2. How cute!! I think all kids at one time or another cut their own hair. For my daughter it was her bangs.

  3. OmG! That is one DO IT YOURSELF project, I don’t advise!

    She’s adorable no matter what!

  4. Oh my goodness! Seeing that hair on the floor made my heart drop. Her hair looks great but how scary. I once babysat a child that was upset at her parents and when I sent her to brush her teeth she cut her hair. Only the bangs but still.

  5. I’m bookmarking this post so that if (when?) the day comes, I can remember how to react like a sane and loving Mama, and not someone auditioning for Linda Blair’s role in a remake of The Exorcist.

  6. OH MY GOD. I would have freaked out, but I am not good with hair cutting issues. She really does look adorable with that bob!

  7. T

    Oh my goodness – she is a cutie!!!

    Thankfully, my kids haven’t done that. I guess there’s still time, right?

  8. Awww, MP looks cute! You should be thankful she only grabbed the shears. I have a friend who is a dog groomer, and her daughter went for the clippers. (Monkey see, monkey do!) And the #40 blade. Which is what men who want to polish that chrome dome use. And what the pre-operative techs whip out before surgery. You get the idea. Only she gave herself a skunk stripe down the middle. Unfortunately, no photos available. I think my friend may still be in psychotherapy.

  9. The bob is adorable!

    My daughter had a haircut over the weekend at a new place, and it’s so bad and choppy she might as well have done it herself and saved me the money.

  10. I am not ready for that day to come. The horror. But her bob does look very cute. 🙂

  11. Finn

    She is soooo adorable, and I love her jammies!

  12. Amy

    Too funny! So far I’ve lucked out and haven’t had this issue at all. Hopefully we’ve out grown this stage too – my daughter is after all 8!

  13. Thank goodness this has never happened to me. She is adorable though!

  14. Luckily your kid is gorgeous and can totally rock any kind of haircut she wants. Mine has a mullet right now and brutha’s lookin’ goooood.

  15. Look at the bright side, she didn’t cut your hair while you were sleeping.

  16. The last unauthorized haircut at our house was actually mangled by DADDY. Smedley got gum in her bangs, so Daddy took the scissors and whacked off the middle third of her bangs. At the scalp.

    “UM, Chas? Did you know that peanut butter will get gum out of hair, supposedly?”


    “Well, now you do, and DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!”

    This happened this spring. Hoping for reasonable bangs length in time for Christmas cards.

    (MP looks great in a bob, by the way.)

  17. That is so funny (for me, probably not for you). I love the pile of hair. She is really cute, even with the new bob.

  18. I love it! All my older girls have done it – I’m just waiting for Sophie to take a “whack”.

    MP looks so adorable in her new do. I think maybe it was her plan all alone.

  19. Oops! Wow, she really went for it too. Oh well, she looks adorable with her new do.

  20. seriously, she is soo stinkin’ cute. I love her.

  21. Oh wow. How cute is she? The bob was made for MP.

    I never attempted a chop of ye old hair myself, but my sister did went after hers. She went into the closet (!?!?!) and cut her bangs off at the scalp because they were getting too long. Oh my. That was a great family dinner.

  22. OMG she’s just cute as anything, but when I first saw the hair, I audibly gasped and held my hand up to my mouth because I just knew what was coming.

    I am now getting rid of every and I mean EVERY pair of scissors in the house, because if it CAN happen at Barking Mad, it WILL happen.

    MP totally rocks the bob! Despite the heart attack you must have had.

  23. BWAHAHAHAHA. It’s so cute all short and bob-like.

    I remember when I was about 10 my friend and I put “sun-in” in our hair. THe result wasn’t pretty and sent me immediately to my mom’s colorist to do some damage control.

  24. Well, her hair looks freaking fabulous. But I think I would have had a heart attack if I saw that on my bathroom floor.

    Bless her heart though, she tried to sweep up the mess.

    She’s gorgeous, BTW.

  25. no pics of the crack shag? cmon…

  26. I have a boy so I never had that problem. Super freaking cute, she is absolutely adorable.

  27. You are SUCH a better mother than me. I would have lost!my!shit! seeing that.

    (And yes, she does look quite cute with her hair short. Lucky for her.)

  28. Oh my! But, how adorable it all turned out in the end! With 3 boys, I’ve never had that happen — now bubble gum in the hair, that’s a whole other story!!

  29. andij1967

    Oh, Lauren used to cut her hair all the time, but she had a few rules that she would follow:
    1. She only cut 1/4 of her bangs, and always as close to the scalp as possible.
    2. She would only perform said hair surgery when she was scheduled to have pictures taken the next day.
    We finally cured her because the lady at Cookie Cutters (who despite the fact that she was getting PAID to fix all these hair disasters was also becoming a little weary of it all) told her that the next time she cut her hair, we would shave it all off and she would be bald.
    Problem solved.

  30. It happens to everyone! You’d think I would’ve learned after my oldest did it, but no, my youngest had to have her turn as well. Consider it a rite of passage!

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  32. Congratulations! Were you really able to keep your cool? Seems like every little girl has to have a go at this. Only a serious blogger would have the composure to grab the camera and catch all that hair on the floor. She is truly adorable and so is her haircut!!

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