The origin of words.

This past weekend we celebrated my nephew Finn’s second birthday while my brother and his family were in town for a wedding. One of the days, Grammy arranged for a tour of the local fire station. The kids were diggin’ it.

So was the 11-year-old boy. He needs a haircut.

For whatever reason, MP was a little freaked out by the fire truck’s cockpit. Is that what you call it? That’s what it LOOKS like …

Now I’m thinking about cockpits and roosters and the origin of the words and imagining the Wright Brothers arguing for weeks. Seeing them sitting in their bike shop locked in heated debate. Orville having his heart set on Dickpit. Wilbur reeaaally wanting Prickpit. Their father, being more respectable, urging them to consider Penispit … as their five-year-old nephew runs around screaming “Peepeepit!” Their gay cousin Hector finally coming up with the weiner. And it being Cock ever since.

And I bet you didn’t know, years later, when women started to fly, there was an uprising among those of the feminist set. Clearly, the name was sexist, yes? Amelia Earhart was actually on a protest flight when she famously disappeared without a trace over the Bermuda Triangle.

Who’re you gonna believe? Wikipedia or Mommypie? Seriously. (It coulda been worse …)

Original photo stolen from Who are loving me right about now.


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26 responses to “The origin of words.

  1. Is it just me, or do you and Amelia Earhart look eerily similar? I’m now working on a theory that Amelia never actually went down in the Bermuda Triange – but instead she was cryogenically frozen so she could come back as Mommy Pie.

    Am I right or am I right?

  2. They should totally call it a Vaginapit. I’m not sure who “they” actually are, but they should start calling it that now. In honor of Amelia. And MommyPie. (Maybe Bejewell is onto something? Hmmm…)

  3. You had me at Vaginapit.

    What does that say about me?

  4. andij1967

    I like the whole feminism angle here, but I have to tell you, I’m not sure I would want to ride INSIDE a vaginapit. I’m pretty sure that being inside a cockpit wouldn’t be much better. Still, the worst would have to be an asspit.

    Oh, hell, see what you started here? I’ll be doing this for hours…

  5. I’ve never been one to 2nd guess Wikipedia, but I’m with you! Definitely.

    On a somewhat related note, I’d like to share the name of my high school counselor with you. Mr. Richard (the staff called him Dick) Cox! Fantastic, right?

  6. LOL — clearly, his mother wanted a girl. That’s just MEAN.

  7. I vote for PooPit!

    What? You think they made bathroom stops in a solo flight over the Atlantic?

    Also, I agree with Bejewell.

  8. LMAO and ready to Google that.

    Because now you got me thinking. How DID they do the do on those looong flights? Must. Know. Now.

  9. That big ‘ol tangle of wires and devices make me want to dub this, the PitPit. Also, bejewell is totally right. MommyPie, you’ve been outed! You never disappeared; you just wanted to keep us waiting for your resurrection as MommyPie. WTG!

  10. Etymology is way more fascinating when it’s MommyPied.

  11. Also, must tell you that, in Exile, “BFD” has nothing to do with firemen and everything to do with apathy.

  12. I would agree with Bejewell and Deb, except you’re, like, doable and stuff. Amelia Earhart was…not. So the only way I’m going with the cryogenic thing is if they also did a little prettifying before waking your ass up.

  13. Do you take credit cards?

  14. I’m believing you. I, too, would have found the B.F.D. humor in that fire truck. You had me at the B. though. You didn’t even need to get to the F.D. with me.

  15. Finn

    Will I forever be confused with a two year old nephew? We need more Hawaii posts, asap!

    BTW — My husband came into the room just as I was scrolling past the awesome AE picture, and he was like, “WTF are you looking at????” Nice. See if I ever get to go on vaca with you again, Amelia!

    P.S I’ve been in the Wright’s bike shop. Somehow the austere surroundings do not conjure up the discussion you were thinking!

  16. Hey Finn — Promise *I* won’t get you confused w/the 2-yr-old. 🙂 And I am so geekily jealous that you were in THE bike shop. How cool is that?

    Oh, and I DO have more Hawaii stuff saved up … bwahahaha …

  17. Amelia Earheart… was she the blind one? Ooooohhhh, she was the PILOT. rriigghhtt.

    funny stuff! ‘cept i dig the name “cacapit”…

  18. MOFM — I see why you and San Diego Momma get along so well …

  19. 10 points for you today…you’re the super clever mommy! vaginapit…ahahahaha 🙂

  20. T

    Ha! Ok, yeah that was too funny…

    I like the B.F.D. pic. I was already cracking up before I even began reading about the whole Wright Bros. scenario…

  21. C’mon, everyone knows that wiki has only the truth. You can believe EVERYTHING YOU READ THERE.


  22. Gee. I learn something new every day.

  23. You are so funny. Vaginapit! I can always count on you for a funny.

  24. “Orville having his heart set on Dickpit.”

    What is the origin of the word PAROXYSMS? I looked; Wikipedia said “see MOMMYPIE.” So I did. I am. You are.

    Thank you for not taking the VagPit even further. I would have to bathe, and I’m not at home right now.

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