I wish I could promise this would be the last poo post, but clearly that would be a lie.

Remember Bobo’s colonoscopy last week? MP does. We arrived at gymnastics Friday and pulled into a parking spot next to Bobo, who was sitting, waiting for us in his truck. MP saw him and smiled.

“Heeeyy … I didn’t know POOP DUDE was gonna be here today …”

And now Bobo has a new name. The beautiful thing is she came up with it completely on her own.

So last night Bobo and my brother (Uncle Paulie) were over — Uncle Paulie’s visiting from Denver with my SIL and nephews — and the whole Poop Dude thing came up. And because Bobo is such an easy target, especially when my brother and I get together …

Uncle Paulie to MP: Why do you call Bobo Poop Dude?

MP: Because he had to have a tube put in his POOPHOLE!

UP: (laughing) Do you know WHY Bobo had to have a tube in his poophole?

MP: Ummm …

UP: (nodding, laughing) Because he LIKES it.

MP: (laughing) Noooo! The DOCTOR had to look around.

UP: Ooooh. There’s a special kind of doctor that puts a tube up your tush. Do you know what that doctor is called?

MP: (shakes head)

UP: That would be a DEN-TIST.

My brother. He sucks.


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16 responses to “I wish I could promise this would be the last poo post, but clearly that would be a lie.

  1. Rick's Cafe

    Picking on sisters – a special quality that brothers around the world have acquired.

    Learned at an early age, in self-defense from all the abuse their sisters dished out, the ability is refined in later years to a true art form.

    A sister can always count on her brother to ’round out’ her children’s education.

    a proud member of the brotherhood

  2. That’s just wrong!
    I say you make him take MP to the dentist when the time comes! That should teach him his lesson.

  3. T

    That is so freakin funny. Your brother is just mean.

  4. LOL. that’s what siblings are for!

  5. DUde make your bro take her to the dentist. That is just WRONG!

    BTW mp is freaking hysterical. Poop dude…that is classic.

  6. Hahah did you give him a noogie ala Doogs?

  7. Poor Bobo. Tube up his butt and mocked by his children. 🙂

  8. I am so always up for a poop post. Bobo is getting the raw end of this deal. In his raw end to boot.

  9. My high school roommate’s dad was a proctologist. I never did want to shake his hand.

  10. OH that is HILARIOUS! Good luck getting her teeth cleaned now! LOL! Poop is never going away, I’m used to it though, I”m sure you are too! ha!

  11. Can I get the link to uncle Pauls blog?

  12. That is hysterical:-) Sounds like something my husband would tell my nephew, or our own kids for that matter 😉

  13. I’m begging you: do not make this your last poo post.

    I’m so all over it.

    (Or is it all over me?)

    No matter. Let it be known that San Diego Momma is all for Mommy Pie poo posts!

  14. Had to share with my co-worker, actually. Thanks for the laughs, and remember:

    1. Turnabout is fair play.

    2. A child well-schooled in teasing and practical jokes becomes an expert in both, and will turn her magic on the uncle who taught her. How do I know? I’m living proof!

    Watch out, Uncle Paulie — you’re doing too good a job . . .

  15. Oh. My. Goodness. I nearly spit out my bagel that was so funny. And your brother? He is the DEVIL! 😉

  16. Oh, that’s so MEAN!

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