MP gets caught red-handed.

Saturday night MP and I went to an open house to welcome her BFF Gigi’s new baby brother. Lots of people, lots of kids, lots of food, lots of drink. MP spent the first hour, part of an crazed gang of kids, running through the house, screaming in the backyard, doing the whole boys against girls thing. By the third hour, MP, Gigi and Gigi’s friend Katie disappeared behind Gigi’s closed bedroom door.

As things began to wind down, I opened the door to give the 10 minute warning.

And saw this.


Holy freakin’ crime scene. No, someone did NOT go on a killing rampage. No, there were no animal sacrifices performed. The only thing murdered was the bedspread. And the wall. And the window. And the dresser.

I don’t know if it was the champagne and wine combo, but Gigi’s parents were awesome about it. They were all, “Well, what are ya gonna do? Oh well. We were going to paint anyway. La la la. Let’s take pictures!”

Okay, right there? Is why I love them. And when all the rubberneckers filed in to take photos of the bloody aftermath, the incident took on a decidedly festive tone. “Party in Gigi’s room! Woo hoo!”

I, on the other hand, am still speechless.


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29 responses to “MP gets caught red-handed.

  1. If it weren’t for the blue you’d think it was the scene of a murder (as I’m sure it almost was!).
    What did they paint with? Any explanation from the little artists?

  2. It was a gift from one of the parents — window paint. Apparently, the window wasn’t big enough.

    And I think they didn’t know HOW to react when they saw the grown-ups reactions. I think they were totally prepared to get in BIG trouble, but when we all came in, laughed and took photos … um, probably not sending the best message …

  3. I’m kinda liking it. In a Pollocky sort of way.

  4. Priceless. You know that we did stuff like this too. Our parents just didn’t preserve it with their digital SLRs.

  5. If my kids did that when they were young I prob would of freeked. Now, not so much. I have the same attitude as your friends.


  6. Ack! I don’t want that to happen to me! You’re a good mom for blogging vs. flogging (I kid. sorta.)

  7. Wow! I think I would have crapped my pants. Seriously.

    But then again I am pretty laid back so I would have just left it like that for awhile before I ever painted over it!

  8. I’m pretty much with Gigi’s parents on this one. Kids are nutbars, and they do crazy shit…it’s kind of what it means to be a nutbar. Nobody got hurt? Meh, no big.

    Of course, this is coming from someone who graffiti’d the neighbors’ house when she was five. And SIGNED HER OWN FUCKING NAME TO THE GRAFFITI. (What? Their son was all mean because he got to go to the zoo and I didn’t. Little turdfaced boy.)

    Probably no one should ever listen to me about anything ever again. Clearly, I have never possessed even an iota of common sense.

  9. Which only makes you more endearing, m’dear.

  10. I’m with Gigi’s parents, too, but I feel your pain. If (wait, what do I mean IF?) WHEN Goat #2 does something like this, I’m going to feel horrible, no matter how well the other parents take it. And the truth is, it’s just a wall. Well, and a bedspread.

  11. Amy

    Wow! I don’t know if I could have kept my cool with that one. All in all though no one was hurt – so I guess it could have been worse.

  12. Yikes! Glad the parents weren’t ticked. That happened to me when I had a sleep over at my house. Black paint all over a brand spankin’ new bed spread and oooey gooey candy up and down the (carpeted) stairs, stomped into the bathroom floor – everywhere. But, like they said, what are you going to do – they’re kids.

  13. This makes me happy that my daughter is more into secretly wiping her boogers on her wall than redecorating. Boogers are much easier to clean up.

    But let me tell you, she has some crazy friends. If one of them ever got the idea to do something like this, she’d be all for it. No more closed doors at my house!

  14. Unless they’re bloody. MP has TOTALLY stained her bed rail wiping the bloody boogs in the middle of the night. Eccch.

  15. Oh dear.

    It’s good that the other parents were cool about it, but you never want your kid to participate in something like that (even if the other kid was probably the ringleader because it’s her house).

    It’s a testament to the times we live in that no children were beaten at the scene. My mom would have got me with a hairbrush at the very least for a mess like that.

    Not that I am in any way advocating beating kids with hairbrushes. Definitely not.

  16. So the bed looks like a crime scene.
    All I see on the walls are handprints!


  17. You know that this would not fly in my anal retentive neat freak world. I am stressed out just looking at the photo.

  18. I gotta say, if this happened in my house, I would probably be able to at least FAKE being okay with it, but once everyone left I’d freak.

  19. Well, she’s got terrific placement, I’ve give her that. Wowsers! What cool parents. Maybe they shouldn’t cover it up. One day when you daughter becomes famous for her “tagging art” they can say they knew her when.

  20. Oh my! What a creative little gal you have there! Is she planning an assault of her on bedroom walls now, I wonder?

  21. That bedroom wall totally looks like my kids’ faces every day after preschool.
    I don’t have the heart to tell them to stop…it feels like I’m censoring their creativity.

    But the amount of baths around here is getting out of hand…

  22. seriously? my husband would have gone off the deep end. on the other hand, i would have just been all, “eh, whatevs. let’s clean it up tomorrow. or whenever i feel like it.”

    hopefully our kids will be a modest combination of both of us. except, it *never* works out that way in real life…

  23. Um yeah, I’m with “that girl” on this one. I know that day is coming, I can feel it…lets just hope my camera is near enough to distract me from the heart attack I’m likely to have and to quell the “YOU ARE GROUNDED UNTIL YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO COLLECT SOCIAL SECURITY” monster.

  24. I am speechless and it is not even my kid.

    What was the story the kids gave?

  25. littlemansmom

    I say let the kids do the WHOLE room and call it a masterpiece of modern art! LOL

  26. My child would be wearing a coat made out of the bedspread on Monday. “Oh yeah? You like that? You think that’s funny? Well, you can WEAR IT, then.”

    I am only half joking.

  27. GiGi's DADDY

    Ok, this has got to be one of the greatest moments of my kids lives and I have to say I’m glad that you and MP were a part of it. Yeh, I’m sure the wine helped take the edge off of the shock but really, what are you gonna do? There were 3 of the cutest little girls ever, elbow deep in paint looking like they had just massacred a host of cartoon characters. I couldn’t stop laughing. And how do I know I’m really ok with it? Its still there. I insist that it stays. Every time I look at it I smile, laugh, giggle, my day is brightened. Yeh, that was awesome…

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