Doogs Weekend #8: Don’t you forget about me.

Since the Dead Swingers post a few days ago I’ve had a question in mind for Doogs Weekend.

What do you think people will say about you after you’re gone? How do you hope to be remembered?


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24 responses to “Doogs Weekend #8: Don’t you forget about me.

  1. Well, I would hope people would remember me as a good mother, a loving wife, and a good friend; someone who loved and was loved in return. And I hope people remember me laughing, not at others, but with them.

    I hope that my flaky-ness is forgotten and they overlook my (sometimes nasty) sarcasm, and that my house was constantly a mess, and that I hold grudges for a really long time.

    Because what really matters in the long run are the connections you make with others, and whether or not you were there to help your friends and loved ones when they really need it.

  2. andij1967

    I hope that people will remember me as someone who was a lot of fun, someone who was maybe a little bit silly but always found the humor in any situation, someone who loved with her entire heart and would have given the shirt off her back to help someone in need. I hope that when they remember me, they remember something crazy that I said or did, and I hope it makes them laugh a little. I’d rather they remember me with laughter than with tears.

  3. I hope to be remembered as a kind, friendly person, a wonderful mother, and a just-sorta-ok wife…. I have PMS and he’s annoying me.

  4. I want to be feared even after death! I want people to whisper my name while looking furtively over their shoulders. I want to be remembered as a slayer of dragons and a crusher of EMPIRES!!!

    Whoa! Little too much Saturday coffee… as long as they don’t think of me and wished I’d died sooner.

  5. What do I think they’ll say after I’ve died?

    “Hot damn, the old broad finally shut up!”

  6. i have no idea how others perceive me. no f-ing idea… this is something that i think about often and it definitely worthy of its own post.

    BUT, for the sake of your doogs weekend, i will say this–

    people will say these few things about me; guaranteed:

    she loved her children
    she liked to play soccer
    she loved the band rush

    …and that’s about it…

  7. To be painfully honest, I’d rather not know what anyone is going to say about me when I croak, regardless of whether it’s good or bad. That’s too much effin’ pressure for me.

  8. Well. it’s lame, but I hope I am remembered as a great mom and wife and a loving friend. And also I take lots of pictures, so someday, I hope people look through my photos and appreciate me for that, too.

  9. I think people would remember me as being a little cooky, and a little crazy but in a totally good way.

    I hope people will remember that I quit my job(s) to take care of my aging grandmother’s. One recently passed and the other just moved in with me.

  10. Laurie – NOT lame! I hope I’m remembered as a great mom and great friend too.

    insane mama – I guarantee, that’ll be remembered.

  11. She was the greatest blog commenter that ever lived.

  12. On headstone….

    Depot Dad finally got laid……… to rest.

  13. Call this goofy and lame if you want, but all that really matters to me is:

    She loved her son and husband madly.

    And for bonus points: she left her mark on the world with her photography, art and journaling.

  14. Myra – SO not goofy and lame. I would say basically the same thing. (Minus the husband.) 😉

  15. I really hope I’m remembered at a good mother, faithful friend and someone who made people laugh. But mostly, I think people will be all, “Ugg. What took her so long to go!!”

  16. That is a pretty heavy question. So you can do like me and just give a dumb answer. I hope that people don’t say “damn, wish they would have had a closed casket”. In other words, when I go, I hope I get a good “artist” to make my visually stunning for the wake. ha. 🙂

  17. another co-worker

    I think people will remember me as the total clutz who says the f-word way too much in mixed company.

    I also hope people remember me as the woman who managed to get out of bed every day and go to work while her legs were about to fall off. Although not many people know that to be true. But you do.

  18. I tried to answer this earlier, but my own mortality has been on my mind way too much lately and it just felt like tempting fate (go ahead, laugh. I know I’m paranoid.)
    I don’t know what people will say. I just hope I don’t leave too much undone.

  19. Hahah Depot Dad is hilarious!

    Here lies a Pisces with an Aries Moon. ‘Nuff Said.

  20. Ya know, it’s funny this post is up. My paternal grandmother died two days ago……and I was just thinking, the way you live your life is the way you will be remembered.

    How sad to be remembered as a cruel, mean, ugly woman.

    I emailed my dad to say, “I’m sorry about your mum” even though I knew he wouldn’t be super crushed, it was his mother after all. His only reply to me was, “thanks, she was the personification of the song, ‘I did it my way’.”

    My mom and I just this morning were laughing at the email that went out from my aunt regarding the funeral services for her mom, my grandma, they were supposed to think of a funny story about her, or how she changed our lives. *snort
    My aunt (my dad’s half sister) is the only one most likely to miss her…….maybe my dad’s half brother…….maybe

  21. ok sorry, that might have been a little too “deep” and all, but I just get amazed sometimes at how people can be so cruel to someone they’ve birthed. it makes me ill.

    my sister is in the sheriff’s academy right now and is telling me stories that are traumatizing me

  22. What I think people will say: “Thank GOD! Maybe NOW we won’t run out of wine all the time! More cookies for US!”

    What I WANT people to say: “Isn’t it great that we’ve perfected cloning just in time for Foolery kicking the bucket?”

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