Gettin’ busy in the afterlife.

As part of my job, once a month (for nine months) I spend the day in a “leadership program.” Yesterday, the theme of the September session was “History Day.” Which meant we spent the day learning the history of our town. Way cool.

We took a walking tour of downtown and learned the history of the buildings. When I pointed out a former turn-of-the-century brewery that served as my college apartment and told the tour guide (apart from the group) it was most definitely haunted, she was so clearly not impressed. I’ll save the ghost story for another post.

We went to two museums and learned about pioneer life from a HIGHLY enthusiastic lady in period attire. Holy crap. There’s a reason people are never smiling in old photographs. Life was HARD. Just LIVING was a job.

We visited a famous turn-of-the-century mansion that, until just a few years ago served as a fraternity house. It’s safe to say I could’ve sat this one out. I toured it plenty in the late ’80s.

And best of all …

We went on a cemetery tour given by a quirky little man in a bow tie and top hat. He had just identified the headstone of an infamous madam when I happened to looked down.

What?!? Can I help it if the blog gods dropped this at my feet?

Oh yeah. THIS was directly behind these two.

It’s Swingtown. For dead people.


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30 responses to “Gettin’ busy in the afterlife.

  1. Even dead people have fun! How much you wanna bet they PAID to be laid to rest next to each other. Just to give us a laugh.
    And, seriously…that guy really is in a top hat. Sweet.

  2. another co-worker

    I’m so glad that you’re getting your money’s worth from my Leadership program. Just wait till next month when I’m going to force you to go “dancing with Della” on Arts & Culture Day. There’s surely some blog fodder there.

  3. andij1967

    Oh seriously, this cracks me up. It gives a whole new meaning to being “LAID to rest”.

    And it also depresses me, because even a dead person is getting more action than I am.


  4. *sigh* You and me both, sister.

  5. I think this proves that God has a sense of humor.

  6. Haunted you say? I am really looking forward to reading that post. I can get a dose of Paranormal State right here on your blog. And only you would see those markers and put it together like that. Hilarious!

  7. I heart small western town humor.

  8. dude, that is PRICELESS!

    speaking of ghost stories, i’ve taken to watching ghost hunters nightly… great show!

  9. Ghost Hunters RULES! That and Paranormal State are my ‘must see’s’ every week. Welcome to the dark side. Bwahahaha …

  10. I want to say something about coming and going at the same time, but just can’t phrase it right. Oops. Did I just say that out loud?

  11. ‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year.

    Tales of the rotting and stories of haunting, to me they are dear….

    Tis the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrrr!

    I love living as close to Salem, MA as we do, and the ghost walk tours that abound in my neck of the woods and nearby! Fun!

  12. C’mon. You been working on your photoshop skills, right?
    Seriously, we know how your mind works! Great post.

  13. Visited cemetaries in New Orleans and our guide, an owl lady, said stay together because there are pickpockets and thieves who gang up on people who wander away from the group. They whistle to each other on the balconies.
    Owl lady stroked my imagination. I was so praying to get kidnapped in the graveyard. How swift is that?

  14. Jim – Why didn’t I think of that line? Ha!

    Auds – Totally my fave time of year — I’d LOVE to go to Salem and do a ghost walk! THERE’s a vacation!

    ~Annie – HA! I know it’s almost too good to be true, but I SWEAR there was no Photoshop foolery with this one!

    PAPA – I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see the New Orleans cemeteries. They look SO cool. But I gotta ask … what’s an owl lady?

  15. Holy Shit! I SO needed that laugh….I love it! Thanks for making me crack up when I so desperately needed it. That is awesome!!

  16. Love it. Finding humor in a cemetary. I don’t care for my local cemetary. The birds attack your head when you walk through it. I don’t like things flying at my face. But you know what I do like? You! Thanks for making me laugh after a long ass day.

  17. I swear by all that is holy, I have to come up with a fabulous gravestone just so I can have people CTFU even after I’m dead.

    Thank you for reminding me of that mission, Mommy Pie.

  18. jenboglass – Aw, thanks Girl — right back atcha!

    Steph – DOOG! You just gave me Saturday’s Doogs Weekend!

  19. littlemansmom


  20. That is brilliant. And I love that you were quite happy to stand there and photograph it for our bloggy pleasure.

  21. MT – I have no shame, it’s true.

  22. That is awesome.
    So funny…I found something BIZZARE at the grocery store and posted it today too. What did they say when you broke out your camera???

  23. HYSTERICAL. And what’s with Abe Lincoln giving the tour?

  24. Since these markers are old, I can assume that this was not a racially-integrated cemetery at the time, and that Mr. Wang is buried elsewhere.

    Wondering why we see lots of phallic grave markers, but no giant boob headstones? I suddenly know what I want over MY eternal resting place.

  25. Oh, Mommy Pie… I can’t even respond because I have nothing that can even compare to the hilarity of this. The irony.

    Made me shiver to think who I might be buried to…

    My ex-husband’s name (not spelling it correctly for privacy) but it is:

    Huge Penis


    Hugh Pinot

    Again, that’s not how you really spell it. He’s french. It was hysterical. And it was true. He was a big walking, talking huge penis and he had a huge penis. DAMN those french men.

  26. So weird to find this now – because today I met a man named Bob Biggerstaff. And I had to NOT giggle when he was introduced. WHich I was halfway successful at.

    Also? What is really up with the top hat? That creeps me out more than the cemetery.

  27. Dixon — Foolery, Foolery, Foolery. I’m glad I’m not the only 11-year-old around here. Dixon.

    MSS — No. Way. At least he could live up to it? Bahahahaha – see? Eleven.

    Beej — I guess at least his name wasn’t Peter … I went to school with a Biggerstaff and it never even DAWNED on me. Now I’ll never think of that family without thinking of you.

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