Anyone for seconds?

My dad (aka Bobo) likes to rip random things from the paper at McDonald’s and give them to me. When he’s on the road, he mails the clippings. Parenting/money/health/political articles, daily horoscopes, the comics for MP, you name it. Last week it was this recipe from a local restaurant.

Which cracked me up. And kind of made me nauseous at the same time.

I particularly appreciate the restaurant owner telling us how cheap this dish is to make.

And then charging $14.89.

For a bowl of balls.

Clearly, I am in the wrong business.



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27 responses to “Anyone for seconds?

  1. Doog. The “Uh, yum?” summed that hot mess right up, if you ask me.

  2. I don’t understand your argument. I’ve paid a LOT more than 15 bucks for MY balls.

  3. Beej — Well, your ARE pretty huge …

  4. I’m surmising that half that budget went to the cumin. Take out the cumin and you’ve got yourself some cheapo balls.

  5. another co-worker

    Dude, that’s for a whole pot of balls, not just a bowl.

  6. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of balls.

    And I have to laugh because your post reminds me of this:

  7. Bahaha! I LOVE the Schweddy Balls SNL sketch — that’s awesome.

  8. You could charge at least $16.99 for your balls, Mommy Pie.

  9. First of all, I love that Bobo does that.

    Secondly, what’s that stuff on top of the balls? On my monitor, it looks like little crabs, which would be such a double entendre, I can’t even hack it.

  10. Dude. It TOTALLY looks like little crabs. Thank you for the gag.

  11. Honestly, if made proper it’s fricken delicious, my dad makes the best. It doesn’t look that great though I do admit that.

    Us Mexican’s and our poor culture.

  12. Sure I’m of a poor culture but trust me MP, albondigas are good. ( “twisting and moving things around”???? Moi?)

  13. The Mom & threeboys1mommy — You guys, MP’s dad was 1/2 Mexican, so I totally had to laugh at the “poor culture” thing too. I LOVED his cooking …

    So if you Mexis say it’s good, I totally believe you!

  14. At least those balls don’t look like chicken skin minus the feathers.

  15. Ilinap – Oh. Ma. Gah. Dude, that’s just so right, it’s wrong.

  16. I”m thinking – not very appetizing. Well, it wouldn’t be under any circumstance since I don’t eat meat. But I can appreciate a nice presentation. This one is not. A nice presentation that is.

  17. That would make about a gallon.

    ROFL at the crabs on the balls. . .

  18. All my Mom does is read newspapers all day, then send me clippings. So like twice a week I get Jonas Brothers clippings in the mail and my husband is all” why is she sending you that?”

  19. Bowl full of balls. I love it! My parents (mostly my dad) have a long-running joke with me that I was switched at birth and I’m not really their child. My Dad sends me news clippings of stories about babies switched at birth. He loves me, I swear he does, he just loves to tease.

  20. HappyHourSue & jenboglass — Our dads would totally get along.

  21. I prefer menudo to albondigas. I could eat Mexican every day of the week!

  22. Sorry, looks yummy to me. But I would use real garlic, plus minced onion, diced green chilis, pimiento, etc. etc. I love to veg-up my recipes.

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