Put it on your list and maybe Santa will bring it.

MP has joined Amway. And while Sarah Palin may be making political history, MP’s making a little history of her own, becoming the youngest sales rep in the history of the organization.

Today when I picked her up at preschool, I found her seated at a table, going through the latest catalog with her classmates and encouraging them to “Think Globally, Act Locally.” And the kids were LISTENING. Hanging on her every word, even. Which TOTALLY blew me away until closer observation revealed they were, in fact, mostly interested in a boy named Jermaine’s elbow scab. Or more accurately, Jermaine’s Scooby Doo BandAid.

When MP spotted me, she stood up and asked if I had change for a twenty. Dazed and confused, I dug into my pockets, barely mustering a weak,”I don’t think …” before she disappeared into the kitchen and promptly returned wheeling a Radio Flyer wagon full of product.

A few teachers began writing checks. Some kid was telling another kid how much his mom loved Amway detergent.

All the way home, it was “Diamond Level” this, “Diamond Level” that. Apparently I’m having a few potential recruits over this weekend. MP says if they join, eventually it’ll boost her numbers. And then we get to go on a cruise!

*drums fingers on table*

Okay, not really. But she DOES have the trademark “visualize what you want” concept down.

Here’s my door.

Here’s her door.

The elbow scab part though? Totally true.

Except the name. Jermaine.

His real name is Tito.



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15 responses to “Put it on your list and maybe Santa will bring it.

  1. Doog. I’m sad. I was totally going to buy stuff from her. But only if she could spell Quixtar.

  2. I’m laughing too hard at Steph’s comment to think of something witty enough to of my own.

    And true, I did think Amway was now Quixtar (why do I always think of cement when I hear that?) here in North America?

    Personally, if I never saw another Amway/Quixtar product again, I’d die happy. My parents sold that stuff and got wayyyyyy involved in the entire MLM aspect of it when I was little. Oiy!

  3. I was totally buying that story! What can I say, I’m gullible.

    I like that she has a strategy when it comes to Christmas wish lists. She’s a visionary! A Planner! And most importantly, she knows how to get your attention! Smart girl. : ) You know, there are only 105 more shopping days til Christmas. You better get crackin’ MommyPie!

  4. So no cruise then, huh?

    Love her subtle hints.

  5. andij1967

    I love that everything is posted at MP-height! And what great taste… those Barbie outfits are haute couture indeed!

  6. Priceless. Glad to see my daughter isn’t the only one that cuts out things she likes from the paper!

  7. ehunter1979

    This post was hilarious. I totally believed you. My favorite part: Tito.

  8. I love me some Quixtar! I was excited because you can never find an agent when you need one. Drat on MP not really being an agent.

  9. She is all kinds of awesome. I used to do that too, but not with such tenacity. She will definitely be a force to be reconed with.

  10. You know, she exhibits quite good taste for someone so young, especially with the little red sports car. But like others, we’re a little bummed because we *believed* the headline for the post; and could have sworn we heard someone whisper “dithwather zope.”

  11. Yes, I agree with Preppy – very creative and good taste. This is art!

  12. I’m reading this while laying in bed with the kids. The pictures caught their attention and they are highly impressed with MP’s creativity and finely tuned sense of salesmanship. They are now planning their own Christmas wish bedroom door collages.

    So thanks. 🙂

  13. Good for you MP! Emrace The Secret. A few weeks ago I caught my son in the kitchen with the phone. He was dialing the 800 number for some toy he’d just seen the commercial for. I wonder how many times those operators have to ask, “is your mommy there?”

  14. Dude, I totally do the same thing. I have a little binder with tabs labeled things like “Shoes,” “Beauty Products,” “Dresses,” and “Furniture.” I paste magazine cut outs of stuff I covet. Then I strategically place my book near Mac Daddy around my birthday and Christmas. You think I’m kidding? I’m not. I so get MP.

  15. MP is already an independent, formidable woman!

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