This political moment brought to you by the Sex Pistols.

This election has me torn. So in an effort to better educate myself, I thought I’d take some quizzes.

This one was interesting. Apparently I’m an Anarchist. Does my party have a candidate?

What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
created with
You scored as Anarchism


Also of note — equal part Republican, equal part Nazi. Just all kinds of wrong.

Not comfortable with the whole Nazi thing, I took THIS quiz. These results made me feel better.

Lo and behold, I’m NOT Hitler after all. Dude, I’m Gandhi!

And then this one said:

Goody — I LOVE baseball! If I’m reading this right, I should vote just left of center field.

Er, what stadium? ‘Cause I’m partial to Coors Field in Denver. And I hear there’ll be beer.

So yes.

This quiz result is correct.



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17 responses to “This political moment brought to you by the Sex Pistols.

  1. waltzinexile

    Thanks for pointing out those quizzes! As a grad student in a subdepartment of Poli Sci, I’m always interested in these things.
    FYI either I’m standing directly behind the pitcher, or I AM the pitcher and I’ve moved back off the mound for some reason. We’d be standing almost right next to each other, except I won’t be at Coors field, I’ll be at the Jake 🙂

  2. They took our baseball team away, so put me on a purple square…I like that color…

    Actually how ’bout I vote for the team who kills the most mooses? (meese??)

  3. How funny! I’ll have to take those!

    I’m German by descent, so does that make me a Nazi by proxy?

  4. another co-worker

    Dude. I took the quiz and apparently I’m a democrat/communist. Teehee…

  5. I started to take the first quiz, but then I became afraid that Big Brother or Cindy McCain or someone was recording my answers, so I couldn’t commit to a click to find out the result.

  6. This is my favorite political post so far. What made it even more funny is that the firewall at work blocked every one of these quizzes. I wonder what could be so improper about figuring out which political group you agree with the most?

  7. Oh shit. I think I might be Stalin.

  8. Yeah, you DO kinda come across as a Fascist Pig. DOH! (You know I love you anyway.)

  9. I don’t know squat about this election, I am SO stuck in the middle right now. I’ll need more than a quiz to help me out

  10. I think I’m right between flipping a coin and eeny meeny miney mo.

  11. another co-worker

    Whatever Dude. Keep missing my birthday…

  12. I took that first quiz and I’m Green! Yeah!!

  13. I am apparently 100% democrat – though next up is “Anarchist” after that. I’m not sure if I like this test or not. Heh.

  14. You’re a quiz fiend! I’m sure I’m democrat through and through.

  15. Erin

    For anyone on the fence, one of my new favorite blogs is: It’s written by an Alaskan and quite interesting.

    I like the term “Centrist.” I guess that’s what I’ve been all along. Except that it kind of sounds like someone who is just into themselves. Hmmm…maybe that’s right.

  16. Ahh, the scientific approach! I’d probably score highest as a Communist 🙂

  17. You know your baseball field one? I didn’t even get a spot on the field.

    I was apparently stuck in line for a beer.

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