Doogs Weekend #7: I’ll be your best friend …

Okay Doogs — this one came to me tonight.

If you could pick one (or two or three) TV character(s) to be your BFF(s), who would it be?

And no, for those of you who need specifics (Steph) it doesn’t mean you’d lose your current BFF. And the show doesn’t have to still be running.

I’d totally pick fellow single mama Old Christine from The New Adventures of Old Christine. Come to think of it, Elaine from Seinfeld would probably be second, so maybe it’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus I want for a BFF …

If you’re not familiar with TNAOOC, here’s a clip. It’s kind of a long one, but totally worth watching to the end, in my humble opinion. Holy hell, she cracks me up.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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31 responses to “Doogs Weekend #7: I’ll be your best friend …

  1. I’d love to be friends with Monica and Rachel from Friends…or Carrie and Charlotte from Sex and the City, or Sawyer from Lost..yum.

  2. I would be the hot girl from Swingtown…forgot her real name or character name, but she is hot

  3. -Michael Scott (The Office)
    -Deborah Barone (Raymond)
    -George Costanza… that’s 4! I think tv is my real BFF.

  4. Erin

    #1: Tim Gunn
    #2: Pam from The Office
    #3: Carol Burnett (during The Carol Burnett Show days)
    #4: Daniel from Shear Genius (I ‘heart’ Lady Bird!)

  5. Booth from Bones. We could be friends with benefits.

    Lorelai, Rory and Sookie from Gilmore Girls for real BFF’s. Shopping, cocktails, lots of laughing.

  6. Oooh, Booth. Is that the guy who used to be Angel? The vampire? I wouldn’t mind having him as a beneficial friend either …

  7. Oh absolutely, I’m with you!! She is hilarious!

  8. Gotta be Dr. Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy. She’s smart, sarcastic, and loyal, but she doesn’t whine or wallow and she wouldn’t let me do it either. Although her TV best friend is a mess. Who does whine. Who’s in therapy. So maybe this isn’t my smartest idea…
    I know! House! I want House to be my best friend! He’s smart and sarcastic, too. Although, he’s not very nice. And he once got all of his friends’ bank accounts frozen because of his Vicodin addiction…
    Apparently I don’t watch very nice people on TV.

  9. mydoppleganger

    I second the girls from Gilmore Girls. Plus, I’d love to be BFF’s with Josh Lyman from The West Wing. He cracks me up.

  10. YES. David Boreanaz = Angel = Booth. So hot!

  11. Gregory House, MD. Hands down. Didn’t even have to think about it.

  12. P.S. Even if I had to give up my current BFF, Bill would understand because he’d dump me for House, too.

  13. jack tripper from three’s company. he was my first crush… oh wait, this isn’t about first crushes? and john ritter is dead?! damn. whatever… i’m still going with Jack Tripper.


  14. oh, and i agree – julia louis-dreyfuss is HILARIOUS – no matter what character she’s playing on tv…

  15. I’m with you on Julia Louis-Dreyfuss from TNAOOC — she is hilarious and would be mucho fun to have as a BFF. So would Gabby on Desperate Housewives and the Gilmore Girls girls — I ❤ them! Starbuck from Battlestar Gallactica would be a great BFF to have should the end of the world be in sight!

  16. Hands down. Alan Shore from Boston Legal. Complex, deeply compassionate, massively intelligent, and more than a little bit looney.

  17. Ooh, good one — and Denny Crane — I LUV that guy!

  18. I would have to agree on the Christine from TNAOOC. She’s quirky and wears a girdle. I consider myself the same. I would also try my hardest to be BFFs with Tina Fey’s character, Liz Lemon, on 30-Rock. I know they make her look just a teeny bit frumpy for the show, but it’s how I look every day. Like I tried, but gave up half way through.

  19. Argh! Someone beat me to it! Lorelai Gilmore. Witty banter over coffee at Luke’s? I’m so there.

  20. Okay, clearly I need to watch Gilmore Girls. Is it still on??

  21. I’m drawing a blank, but I like the idea of Alan Shore from Boston Legal. And Tim Gunn from Project Runway. (I tend to have more guy than girl friends.)

  22. I want Tina Fey from 30 Rock AND Christine.

  23. Jim from the Office….I could hang out with him all day. does it have to be a chick?

  24. 1. Charlie from 2 1/2 men, he has a great ocean front house and knows how to have fun.

    2. Jan from the Brady Bunch, us middle children have to stick together. I know the Marcia, Marica, Marcia incidient was annoying but really, does it always have to be about Marcia?

    3. Jill Taylor from Home Improvement, she has three boys, I have three boys, we already have tons in common.

  25. Gilmore Girls – ABC Family every day 5:00 pm here in our cable system. I loooove the G.G.’s. I loooooove Luke. You will too. Promise.

  26. pavlovskitty

    Just Jack. Do I need to say anymore?

  27. JACK!! How could I have forgotten about Jack?!?

  28. Cool idea!

    -Carrie from Sex and the City
    -Jim from The Office
    -Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords

  29. Bree from Desperate Housewives for her culinary skills, Nancy Botwin from Weeds because I need a good stay at home job and Hannah from Secret Life of a Call Girl because I’d get to go to Europe and she could teach me how to give the best BJ on earth.

  30. I used to think this would be such an easy question to answer.

    Angel from Angel – but then I got to thinking about it. Dude, what if he went all grrrrrr and arrrrg again. That would be kinda bad. I’d be stuck with a BFF who could potentially rip my neck off. But then the whole vampire thing, kinda cool. And you can’t deny the whole steamin hotness that is David Boreanaz. Seriously, other women would be all; “Bitch, no way!” And I’d be all, “Step back, he’s my BFF!” And then he’d probably bite me and then I’d be the one who was all grrrrrr and arrrrg and sporting a freaky demon face. Hey, I bet the Little Imp would never sass me again!

    Susan from Desperate Housewives – I get compared to her (not physically, but disposition-wise, ALL THE FREAKIN TIME!)…is it any wonder my hair got stuck in a vacuum cleaner and I managed to super-glue my fingers to my steering wheel?

    Loralai Gilmore – When people see my daughter Meg and I together, and they’re familiar with the show, we always get compared to Loralai and Rory. And it’s funny because Meg and I will be somewhere and something odd will have happened and we’ll both look at one another and say; “That was TOTALLY a Gilmore Girls moment” Yeah, we’re cheesy like that.

  31. Hafta be David Feherty, the golf announcer. Funny as hell, with that wonderful Irish accent. Makes me laugh and knows how to speak quietly, too. It doesn’t hurt that he’s kinda cute and could probably drink me under the table.

    Yeah, I know, but I don’t do much TV.

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