McConspiracy Theories

Tonight, I expose McMommy and the secret she’s been keeping from us all.

Here’s your first clue.

Dude looks like a lay-day.

She’s actually entrusted me with her blog tonight and tomorrow.


Go. Now. And learn the shocking truth. It’s a McConspiracy.

And then, I’ll be over at my co-worker Queen Bee’s place, I Thank My Mother. Go give her a visit Tuesday — she’s awesome.

Oh yeah. Mommypie’s a Guest Postin’ FIEND this week.



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3 responses to “McConspiracy Theories

  1. I’m so glad it’s somebody else’s week to do the guest posting for the world. Last week was my week and I’m all blogged out.

    Cannot WAIT to see what you write! Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic!

  2. I am single too. My girls are grown but I have a gran’baby and I love being a mom and gran’mama. I look forward to reading your blog.

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