Doogs Weekend #6: A little history.

Got a good one for you this weekend, Doogs. This one has a lot of potential.

Here’s your question:

What historical event would you like to have been a part of? Why?

I’m kind of a history dork, so hopefully I’m not the only one who likes this question. Think on it for a bit. Can’t wait to read your answers!



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23 responses to “Doogs Weekend #6: A little history.

  1. Are we required to stick to one historical event? I hope not. And by “be part of”, do you mean actually participate, or can I just have witnessed it? I need parameters, obviously. I’m such a dork.

    Anyway, I’d pick the crucifixion of Christ. That event had the most impact historically, in my opinion. I’d really like to be able to stick around and see whether or not that whole Ascension thing actually happened, too.

    In college, my Hist 101 prof said that history is written by the victors (he was quoting some famous dude). So, I guess if I don’t stick with just one, I’d have to say “All of it” because I’d like to get a more objective view than what some guy said after it was all over.

    Did that make sense? God, it’s not even early or anything. :headdesk:

  2. Wow Steph — the crucifixion. I hadn’t even thought of that, but you’re so right about it’s impact. I’d love to have been there too …

  3. The first vote that women participated in after the 19th amendment was enacted. That must have been exciting.

    Elizabeth I addresses the troops at Tilbury. Because I am an Elizabethan history buff, and this was one of her most amazing and iconic moments as Queen of England.

    Any part of the speakeasy scene during the roaring twenties. How fun would it have been to wear those amazing clothes, drink some bathtub gin, and Charleston the night away?

    I could go on and on. It would be amazing to witness so many historical events. The emancipation proclamation. The signing of the Declaration of Independence. Etc and etc.

  4. I actually got to tour a speakeasy that was discovered just within the last 10 years — fully intact, bar, bottles, tables, artwork, everything! The owner who owned the building all these decades had no desire to ever know what was behind the locked door in the basement. Can you believe it?

    SO cool to be there — felt like stepping back in time.

  5. Yay, a fellow history dork!

    Geez, how could I pick just one? I would to have loved to have been in Times Square for V-J day. Or maybe witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I would definitely have liked to hear Lincoln give the Gettysburg Address. I could go on and on too!

  6. The Gettysburg Address. That’s what I meant by emancipation proclamation. Der.

  7. Wouldn’t it be great to go back and warn Abraham Lincoln, or convince Lady Jane Grey to not fall for her parents’ tricks? But who knows how different the world would be if things didn’t go how they did. Don’t want to kill myself off somehow by changing history. But to witness? I’d love to be a fly on the wall for a thousand things! Like, to know who really killed JFK, or to know if Anastasia Romanov died that night or really was rescued. History is full of mysteries that I’d love to know the truth to!

  8. I kinda feel like I was part of history (in a small way) watching Obama’s speech the other night. But I’m feeling much less civic-minded tonight and would say, Woodstock, baby!

  9. April – That’s totally what spurred this question! Thinking about the election, and how historic it is … now on BOTH sides of the fence. Really, an amazing time we’re witness to.

  10. seachange

    I’ve always wanted to go back to the late 1800s and live in Florida during the time the train rails were being constructed. Florida was laregely underdevolped and the Everglades were in pristine condition.

  11. Although I’m a huge Civil War buff, I think if you ask what I’d have liked to *participate* in, I’d have to say a moon landing.

    We take it all for granted now, but that had to have been amazing beyond all words.

  12. Jeez. My first thought was Woodstock – peace, love, and rock and roll.

  13. Most definitely the cornation of Queen Elizabeth I.

    I am a huge European history buff, in particular English history and have always been interested in her. Whilst living in the UK I went through Hampton Court Palace (built by her father, and she lived there) 11 times. I just could not get enough of the history and antiquity.

    Participating in anything older than that, might have been a little scary for me. *lol*

  14. The Underground Railroad. I would have liked to have a house that doubled as a “stop” for escaped slaves on their way north.

    I’m also a history dork, so it’s hard to narrow down my list to just one!

  15. Jaci — The Underground Railroad is totally what I would pick!!

    Really hard for me to narrow it to one too — especially in light of all the FANTASTIC answers everyone’s coming up with that hadn’t even dawned on me!

  16. I think I would pick the Normandy invasion on D-Day. Though I believe that war is one of the most perverted human activities, I know that that was a day that saved the western world from ruin. And it was won by the efforts of a bunch of nineteen and twenty year olds who did not want to be there. The freedom we enjoy today as bloggers is only one of the fruits of their sacrifice. It would be an honor to share the day next to those young men.

  17. History dorks unite! I love it so much I have a totally useless Bachelors degree in it. Like the general Liberal Arts program wasn’t useless enough.

    So I could go on about this for DAYS. But I’m going to try and contain myself.

    I’ll just say, since I was also an Art History minor, that I would have loved to have been around during the Impressionist movement in Paris, late 1800s. How amazing it would have been to witness that eruption of talent! Degas, Manet, Pisarro, Cezanne, Renoir, Seurat – and my favorite, Mary Cassatt? Jeez, I’m in heaven just thinking about it.

    This may be my favorite topic to date. LOVING the other answers. I’m very glad to be a doog today.

  18. Cool, Beej — Not only are we history dorks, we’re both Art History Minors!

    Paris in the late 1800s would have been AMAZING. I’d also love to have been there a few decades later, with all the ex-pat writers — Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Stein, etc. — hanging out at Shakespeare and Company and talking for hours.


  19. Erin

    My husband says, “In New York on V-J Day.”

    Mine is the time of the dinosaurs. Not to live with them, say, but just go back and see them alive.

  20. Oooh, dinosaurs. THAT would be cool to see. MP, Bobo and I went to our museum last weekend — it houses one of the largest dino bone collections in the world (might even be THE largest). AMAZING.

  21. The American Revolution. I want to hang out with Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and Washington. They are on the top of my fantasy-dead-people dinner party list. These are all great responses! What fun…

  22. Okay, other people have said some of my favorites: the moon landing, the underground railroad, and the dinosaurs. So I’m going with another of my many picks: because I’m far too cynical (and yet gullible re: conspiracy theories) I wish I could go back and be on the 6th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository. Or maybe on the grassy knoll. Just so I could know for sure what happened.

  23. Well, either Sodom and Gomorrah, or the Black Plague.

    Just kidding.

    I couldn’t take the tension of being part of most of the world’s great events — STRESS — but I think it would have been a heady experience to be part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s White House staff, at any time. Being part of the solution to grinding poverty, dragging a country into a war we’d been avoiding, then coming out the other side victorious. Huge.

    Great topic, Miss Pie! : )

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